Greenland on a Budget – Customize Your Own Adventure

The cheapest way to travel the world is to organize your own adventure. Skip travel agencies and travel packages, and book flights in advance. Greenland is a stunning off-the-beaten path travel destination. The beautiful Arctic island is an autonomous Danish country that may not be a first travel option for conventional travelers. But if you’re eager to explore landscapes and territories you’ve only seen in movies, then Greenland is the answer.

An overview

First thing’s first: Greenland is not the cheapest travel destination. However, there are ways to cut back on costs and enjoy the journey without breaking the bank. The raw allure of the wildlife, the scenery, and the places of interest are sublime. As soon as you arrive, you’ll come across unfenced wilderness. There are no roads in Greenland, and the best way to move around is on foot or with a dogsled. Sure, there are always helicopters that can take you places, but the air rides are pricey.

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How to Travel Southeast Asia Longer and Cheaper

Southeast Asia is an exotic getaway, quickly gaining popularity with travelers because you can easily travel there for less than $35 a day. If a tight budget has been holding you back from your dream vacation, take a moment to learn how to make it happen without breaking the bank.

Destinations on a Budget

As is always the case with international travel, many of the best experiences you can have in Southeast Asia are absolutely free. You can usually see historical sites for free or very cheap, and walking the streets to experience the region the way the locals do will never cost you anything. If you really want to visit well-known tourist attractions, do it during the week, and try to avoid any major holidays. In general, avoiding tourist season when you travel will help you beat the crowds and reduce the price of food, lodging, and tickets.

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Powerful Tips To Help Fund Your Australian Holiday With Crowdfunding

The time has come for you to make your dream Australian Holiday a reality, but for one reason or another you don’t have the financial means to accomplish this all on your own. This is where an option like crowdfunding can make dreams come true. Crowdfunding is a way to set up a virtual campaign and raise funds from a larger crowd. However, this process is a bit more challenging than just joining a site and asking for money.

So, if you’re serious about funding your Australian Holiday via crowdfunding then check out the following tips to help you create a successful campaign:

Identify Your Target Audience and Platform

Perhaps, the first step to successfully crowdfunding your Australian Holiday is by identifying your target audience and platform. With numerous crowdfunding sites flooding the internet, it’s important to choose the one that best represents your campaign. In this case, choose a crowdfunding site that covers traveling campaigns , like FundMyTravel, and not a general one that covers all sorts of topics and ideas.

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Traveling by Car? Read This Before you Start Your Engine

We all know the world we live in is an extremely fast-paced one and that keeping up with the rhythm of our daily life is no easy task. Sometimes we are so taken in by new, exciting discoveries that we forget to maintain a sense of balance between the new and old ways of doing certain things. Take traveling for example. We are so set on the speed of things that we tend to instantly think of the fastest way to get somewhere, without actually considering which is the best way to reach a destination. This article is going to help you do just that by listing some of the pro and cons of traveling by car.

Pro #1: Cars are always there when you need them

Let’s face it, cars are always available, in one form or another. No matter where you need to go, a car can easily be rented or borrowed from a friend (if you don’t own one). This is extremely helpful, since you may easily shake off the frustration of not finding a suitable means of transportation. You don’t depend on bus schedules and you don’t have to waste a lot of time, like you would when waiting for a plane. Even though some may say that traveling by car may be more expensive than flying with low-cost air travel companies, there actually are a lot of solutions that can help you save gasoline, such as steady driving and reducing speed. Let’s not forget that if you reduce your speed, you are also much less likely to have an accident.

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7 of the Most Unusual and Unique Hotels in USA

Vacationing should have a different flavor each time. And when you’re in the US, that is all the more reasons to look forward to matchless adventures and excitement. Hotels become the first aspect of holiday planning that you think about when traveling. Your honeymoon, romance or even a family vacation can become unforgettable if you go for a thrilling combination of adventure and style. The US is world famous for different theme based hotels that offer truly exquisite experience to fun-loving travelers.

Fancy a hotel that takes you to nomadic lifestyle or one that will present you with a studious aura as that of a library? What if you are taken to a world that revives your old school memories or a hotel that gives you a time machine experience of receding to your granny’s vintage time? These are not mere imagination-talks, US hotels have all this and even more to offer for you. Prepare to have a thrilling time with your beloved, friends or family.

We bring to you a quick list of seven most unusual hotels in USA that you may consider for checking-in for making your US trip memorable like never before.

The Dog Bark Park Inn, Idaho, USA

We bet you’ve never seen an inhabitable beagle as big as this one. If you are an animal lover, then this could be just the right place for your retreat. The Dog Bark Park Inn, owned by chainsaw artists Dennis & Frances, is a hotel in the form of a huge beagle, and is thronged by guests and visitors to view folk-art style wooden carvings of different breeds and poses of dogs. Guests enter the beagle’s body through the second-story deck. There is a loft room at the head of the dog with additional sleeping space. The hotel is located halfway between Yellowstone & Glacier National Parks and is surrounded by Camas Prairie where wheat, barley, canola, blue grass & hay flourish.

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