As social media has grown over the last five years, so to has the phenomena of online fundraising. Back in the day, if you wanted to raise money for a cause you ventured door-to-door around your neighborhood with a sign-up sheet asking people you know to make pledges. After you’d endured sitting in a bath of baked beans or running a half marathon you went back around the neighborhood and collected up your cash from reluctant pledgers before mailing your money off in the post to the foundation of your choice.

Nowadays, thanks to the likes of Facebook and Twitter, you can effortlessly disseminate information about your fundraising techniques through the click of a button as well as having the funds automatically wired straight to your PayPal or a registered foundations bank account.

Whilst this process saves a lot of time, it can also desensitize people to the importance of fundraising. Today, it may seem like everyone of your friends list is wanting to raise thousands of dollars by doing a 5 kilometer run and quite honestly there’s just way too many people out there doing the same or similar thing. As a result, these campaigns lack a significant impact.

At Fund My Travel we’re committed to online fundraising for people wanting to fund their meaningful travel experiences. As a result, we’ve come up with a short list of ways to put more thought into your fundraising so that your campaign will have the best impact and really help you reach your goal.

1. Make it Personal

Most people who’ll sponsor you are often people you know. For this reason, you should make your fundraising reflect the nature of your personality. For example, overcoming a certain fear or phobia may help your audience relate to your commitment and make them more likely to donate. Remember, donating money is a personal experience, are you really doing enough to entice potential donors?

2. Make it Memorable

With so many donation platforms and so many fundraisers out there, finding a way to connect your fundraising campaign with your audience is often half the battle. For that reason, make your campaign memorable, make it unique and make it a challenge. Have you sweat enough to warrant donors reaching for their credit cards?

3. Be smart, don’t spam

It’s often way to easy to repetitively splash your fundraising campaign all over Facebook with pretty unimaginative status updates. If you want to really connect with your audience then be smarter, start a blog and share stories about your preparations, fears and expectations – let people know the personal connection between you and what you’re fundraising for. Whilst all of this is happening, always have a link or widget clearly visible to link readers off to your donation page.

4. Make people feel special

Don’t forget to thank the people who donate (unless they want to be anonymous). Not only will you make the donor feel appreciated but you may also encourage others in your network to donate.

5. Be Realistic

Be realistic with your expectations for your campaign. Make your goal something that is truly achievable and whilst you need to make sure that your campaign is a challenge, also remember that you need to have the capability to see your event through to the finish.

Happy campaigning!

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