Top 5 Tips to Eating Healthy In London Hotels


When traveling it is always hard to stick to a healthy diet. Today’s FundMyTravel blog post is from a guest blogger who has a few tips to share with the FundMyTravel community about eating healthy while traveling in London and staying at Hotels. 

When it comes to visiting a new place, food is often one of the major highlights. If you manage to eat meals that make your feel light and healthy, that is even better. But, typically travelers tend to choose meals full of grease and carbs rather than the simple salad, which is very healthy but not always as appetizing.

Unluckily, there are very limited hotels in London that pursue the fitness regime to salvage the grease-laden portions or healthy food. London, one of the most central attraction points in UK in its eating etiquettes and sophistication, is rampant with a leeway of healthy cuisine. Moreover, many accommodations in London and other areas have supported the concept and agenda of wellness tourism and healthy traveling.

There are various hotels in London that are offering healthy cuisine options for travelers to help them spend their vacation productively by avoiding overindulgence.

In order to eat healthy at hotels in London, here are some pointers to keep in mind that may help you choose better food.

For Healthy Options, Dial 0: There are various hotels in London that offer specific options such as gluten-free, vegan and other types of health-conscious selections as a part of their room service. You can find more healthy menus for your kids too! Like organic options or the juice bar.

Prepare a Healthy Plan: If you are dedicated towards your health then make a point to create a health plan, and stick to it. There are many hotels in London that provide everything from the beds, to internet, to workout programs. Some hotels, like Space Apart Hotel, have even created wellness programs that guests can attend.

Drink Beverages with No or Low Calorie: You want to stay off the high calorie drinks on the menu or in the mini-bar and low calorie beverages are the way to go! Low calorie beverages will sit well with your digestion and won’t make you pack on the pounds. You can find various low calories or no calorie drink options in most hotels. Go for the lemon or lime juice and unsweetened seasonal fruit juice. Other low calorie options include diet soda, tea, coffee, and sparkling water.

Drink Wisely: When you are in London, it’s tough to stay out of the famous breweries and pubs. But, as you may know, alcohol can prove to be a diet disaster for you, especially while you are traveling. On vacation, we usually drink more than the usual pints which  ultimately piles on more calories than you may think. So try to drink in moderation.

Traveling Vegan: For the vegetarians, it’s hard to eat in foreign lands, especially when you are stuck to strict restrictions,  such as veganism. However, London has many budget hotels, that are catering to the niche, but thriving vegan population. You will be able to  find a diverse range of vegan menu in the city.

Hopefully with these tips you will now be able to eat healthy during  your next  trip abroad!

About the Author

Lana Marshall is a travel writer by profession and lover of world cultures, languages, souls, food, oceans, wild spaces and urban places by nature. You can find her on Google+


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