Today our Guest Blogger is going to enlighten the FundMyTravel Community with some helpful tips to keep in mind when visiting Vietnam in the Spring.

Best time to visit is from February to April

If you are looking into visiting Vietnam for study abroad or vacation then the months from February to April is the best time to land in the beautiful country. February through April is the Spring season and flowers and gardens start to bloom over the entire country. That time of year tends to be very dry and humid in the capital city, but if you enjoy seeing the beauty of nature, then it is when you should plan your trip. However, if you would like to take part in some of the most finest festivals in Vietnam, then you must plan your trip a little bit before February so that you are able to witness the Tet festival. During the Tet festival you can see the country bursting with colors, especially in cities such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. You can see some beauty of the Tet Festival in the picture below to get a glimpse of what you can expect.

You must plan your journey well ahead of time,  since during the Tet Festival most tourist locations will be closed and almost all tickets and hotel bookings will be filled. So plan your journey and decide before hand which festivals you want to attend and which cities you would like to visit, since even the trains connecting major cities will be booked in advance during this period. 

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