How to Save Money by Renting a Campervan

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Cooking In A Campervan

When traveling it is always important to think of ways to down on cut costs.  Today’s  FundMyTravel blog is from a Guest Blogger who will give the FundMyTravel community some insight on ways to save money by renting a Campervan during your travels.

Going on holiday should be a time to have fun and get away from the daily grind, but not all of us have the luxury to be able to afford to go on holiday. However, going on a trip doesn’t have to be as expensive as many people think and you can save money by renting a campervan rather than staying in hotels and paying to rent a car. You will need to be careful about which rental company you use, look out for good deals and book in advance in order to save money. Below are some of the top tips for saving money when you holiday in a campervan:

1. Eat In:

Dining out is always a big cost when you go on holiday, so buying groceries and eating inside your motorhome is a great way to save money. You can keep the cost down further by shopping in cheap supermarkets rather than in more expensive shops, look out for discounted goods and use coupons.

2. No Hotel Rooms:

If you have a large family, going on holiday can be expensive when you have to pay for numerous hotel rooms for everyone. However, when you rent a motorhome, you can take a tent with you that you can set up outside the motorhome when you park to help accommodate more people, without having to pay for a huge van. Small children might be happy to sleep on the sofas and you can take sleeping bags and small mattresses for anyone to take a spot on the floor.

3. Find Cheap Parking Lots:

While campsites will charge you for parking, there are cheaper options. Some Wal-Mart parking lots  are free to use overnight, after the shop has closed, and in some places you can also find free spaces to park in along the way on the side of the road in lay-bys. Cheap deals on campsites can be found online and it’s always worth doing some research before you leave to source the cheapest rentals and the cheapest campsites.

4. Source Cheap Fuel Deals:

Don’t just stop at the first petrol station you come across and start pumping petrol.  You should always check out the price before you fill up. Many supermarket petrol stations offer the best price per liter on fuel and you can use points that you have accumulated on loyalty cards to pay for some of your petrol during your trip.

If you like to cover a lot of miles when you go on holiday, it is cheaper to rent a campervan and drive yourself around than it is to pay for numerous flights and hotels along the way. You won’t have to dine out in restaurants and if you plan on visiting big national parks, like those based in the US like Yellowstone, you can save money by staying in an RV outside the park and driving in each day rather than paying for accommodation in the park.

About the Author

Tommy Metighe

Tommy Mctighe is an avid adventurer who enjoys exploring the last remaining wildernesses of Europe often using camper rentals. Recent travels have taken him to the Scottish Highlands as well as the not so well known corners of North East Romania where he observed agricultural practices and a local way of life that is being rapidly diminished by the onset of modernity. In the real world, Tommy spends his time adjusting claims for a leading Irish insurance company in Dublin.


  1. Thanks for the information. Like you said, you can save a lot of money by renting a campervan to travel. In fact, my husband and I have been thinking about planning a trip this summer, but we don’t have a lot of money. Following your tips and renting a campervan should make our trip affordable, I believe.

  2. Hi Mia,

    We’re glad you found this article very helpful. There are many ways on how you can ave money while traveling and using a campervan is one of them. Hope to see you travel the world soon!

    All the best,
    FundMyTravel team

  3. Thanks for sharing this advice on renting a campervan. I never thought about all of the savings you could get by renting a big ol’ car. Just the fact that you wouldn’t have to pay for a hotel would help you save a lot of money. Plus, I think it is awesome that you get to go camping without a lot of the hassle!

  4. That is so cool guys! I think crossing Canada by way of Campervan is the way to do it! We really want to go coast-to-coast one day. We’ve seen more of other countries than we have of our own.

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