Month: July 2015

Saving Tips to Help Fund Your Vacation Plans
Who doesn’t dream of going on a vacation each year? Away from the everyday hassles of life and work. Spending some time alone, with friends or family, in a lovely place, with nothing to worry about. Alas, this is a luxury not everyone can afford. Or so  thats what you may think. In reality, anyone can save for a vacation and it is not super difficult. Let’s go through a couple of habits that can help you stop dreaming about that vacation you have been wanting to go on for so long and actually go!  Stick to the habits outlined below and you will find it very easy to save money, reach your financial goal, and travel.

Budget your vacation

The first step of saving for a vacation is to determine how much you expect it will cost. Include every little thing in your estimation: plane tickets, fuel consumption, hotels, meals, souvenirs, entertainment, and so on. Once you have a total, make a plan to reach your budget and stick to it.

Separate savings account

Having a separate account solely for the purpose of saving  for a vacation ensures that you are clear on how much you have managed to stow away and how far or close you are from achieving your goal. You will be more focused on growing that account and will be able to track your savings easily. A good idea is to have automated savings set up so that each month, or week, a certain amount of money will be pulled from your checking account right into your savings account. This will help you accumulate funds quickly!

Get another job

You could work another job, part time, to cough up extra cash. If you do this, make sure to save every penny you make from your second job for your trip. You were able to make do with one job’s salary before so I am pretty sure you can continue living on one salary and put those extra earnings into your savings.

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6 Best Apps Every Fundraiser Must Download

Whether you are looking forward to generating donations for a philanthropic cause, or gathering funds for a vacation abroad, fundraising requires a lot of effort, planning, and assistance. Every penny is precious!

Luckily, nowadays we have our handy dandy gizmos and gadgets to be of assistance when in dire need. Smartphone applications are a lifesaver with information, ideas, and time-saving methods that are just a click away. Below are 6 of the best apps for fundraising.

Fundraising Basics

If you’re new the game, this app will teach all you need to know about getting started. It contains a large list of everything about fundraising at various stages of your fundraising efforts. There is a sizeable list of tips, tricks, guides, and how-to’s that every fundraiser newbie should know. For example: 6 proactive places to start seeking out donors, questions to ask yourself when profiling potential donors and 10 things your fundraising planner must include.
Availability: Android and Apple

Donor Perfect

Keep track of your valuable donors with this app, the easiest donor management solution. You can access and update your donor information no matter where you are. Donor Perfect will allow you to “view donors closest to you, look up their contact information, add and update new contacts,  gift history for each donor, draw up comprehensive donor summaries and configurable top donor’s reports, and much more!”
Availability: Android and Apple

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