Whether you are looking forward to generating donations for a philanthropic cause, or gathering funds for a vacation abroad, fundraising requires a lot of effort, planning, and assistance. Every penny is precious!

Luckily, nowadays we have our handy dandy gizmos and gadgets to be of assistance when in dire need. Smartphone applications are a lifesaver with information, ideas, and time-saving methods that are just a click away. Below are 6 of the best apps for fundraising.

Fundraising Basics

If you’re new the game, this app will teach all you need to know about getting started. It contains a large list of everything about fundraising at various stages of your fundraising efforts. There is a sizeable list of tips, tricks, guides, and how-to’s that every fundraiser newbie should know. For example: 6 proactive places to start seeking out donors, questions to ask yourself when profiling potential donors and 10 things your fundraising planner must include.
Availability: Android and Apple

Donor Perfect

Keep track of your valuable donors with this app, the easiest donor management solution. You can access and update your donor information no matter where you are. Donor Perfect will allow you to “view donors closest to you, look up their contact information, add and update new contacts,  gift history for each donor, draw up comprehensive donor summaries and configurable top donor’s reports, and much more!”
Availability: Android and Apple


TripIt is an app that doesn’t need any introduction at all, since it is an essential app for every traveling fundraising fellow. Be it booking a room in your favorite hotel, reserving a rental car or confirming your tickets, TripIt has got it all covered.
Availability: Android and Apple


When you raise funds, it is not necessary that you’d always get the funds in dollars. What would you do if someone, say from Singapore, donates  funds in Singapore Dollar (SGD)? How would you calculate it on the spot? With a powerful app like Currency, you can solve this problem of yours in an instant. This amazing app delivers you a tool that works for up to 100+ currencies around the world, making it fairly convenient for you to convert any currency with only a few taps. Best of all, it comes in 17 different languages.
Availability: Apple and Android


Fundraisers often have to travel to different places for fundraising. Going to a location that you are not familiar with can be quite hectic. Here, Waze, the community-based map app, can prove to be a great help to you. Powered by people like you, this app allows you to get real-time updates from drivers regarding the traffic jam at certain locations and road blocks thus making your journey smooth and convenient.
Availability: Apple and Android

Never forget the importance of thanking your donors! For special donors, a mere email or a message won’t suffice. Not all fundraisers have the time to select, buy, and write up cards either! For your convenience, the Thank you Pro app will do the job for you in just a few clicks! You can choose from over 60 designs and personalize the card with an image or note of your choice. You can also add your company logo to give it a personal touch. When you’re done, your selected card will be printed and delivered through U.S. mail in no time.
Availability: Apple


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