Month: August 2015

Being Money-Smart While Abroad

Vacations and travel are surely becoming synonymous words in today’s world. Whenever we get a few days’ leave from our busy work schedule, the first question that strikes our mind is where to plan a trip. With the advent of internet at our finger tips the entire world has become as small as a neighborhood. So, a foreign trip nowadays is as common as going to bed at night. But when a tour abroad is planned we need to look after our safety primarily and even more importantly our purse needs to be looked after. Apart from that you need a bit of intelligent budgeting and collecting as much information as possible. It is very essential to be money smart while traveling abroad or else you might find yourself bankrupt after your trip.

Here we will try to enlist a few tips and trickeries to save money without curtailing any sort of enjoyment while travelling abroad.

  1. Monitoring the exchange rates: – The exchange rates keep fluctuating day to day, as such it is absolutely essential to keep track of the latest exchange rates of the specific country while traveling.
  2. Traveling with a cheap airline: – Check the internet for the latest offers before booking the air tickets. Websites like are of great help in securing low cost air tickets from USA to different parts of the world even for the business class flights.
  3. Look for exclusive hotel booking offers: – One click of a webpage is good enough to inform you about hundreds of offers on hotel bookings in the preferred country. Book the hotels well in advance to avoid extra payment. Continue reading

6 Questions to Ask Before Launching Your FundMyTravel Campaign

Oftentimes people create a campaign without any prep work – they just jump right in! While we love how excited new fundraisers are, the truth is that sometimes this up front enthusiasm can be lost after a few weeks. At FundMyTravel, we want to do what we can to support the success of your campaign, but the only person who can make it truly successful is you. Here are some things to ask yourself before you get started – figuring out these things ahead of time will give you a game plan, which is half the battle. If you’ve already created a campaign, no worries – you can use these tips, too!

  1. What is my story?

What led you to be interested in this location or trip? How does it fit into your current identity, past experiences, and future goals? Why should people donate to your campaign? Trips volunteering abroad sometimes have an easier time explaining the impact they will have on the community and people, but fundraisers going on programs to study, intern, or learn a language also have a great opportunity to tell their story. Figuring out the narrative for your story is an important part of getting people interested and making it resonate.

  1. What am I doing offline?

Even though you are fundraising online, it’s still important to inform your donors what you are doing outside of your FundMyTravel campaign. This can be a key element to ensuring that your campaign doesn’t come across as asking for a handout and is instead seen as a tool you’re using to reach your goals. If you have financial aid, scholarships, or grants, it is good to mention this (you don’t have to give specific numbers). It’s also important to mention you’ll be using your own funds if that’s something you’re doing – for example sharing that you’ve been saving money the last two years for the trip makes people understand the importance.

  1. What updates will I post?

Successful fundraisers keep their past and potential donors informed with updates. We suggest posting an update at least twice per month. Lay out how often you’re going to post an update and brainstorm different types of updates you could share. You could post when you get your housing assignment or internship placement, or when you register for a cultural excursion. Updates don’t have to be long or involved, but they are another way to stay on people’s mind. They also give you something to push out on social media other than your default campaign page. Keeping your audience informed makes them a part of your journey and makes them feel rewarded.

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5 More Places to Consider When Looking to Study Abroad in 2015

 So, you’ve made the decision to leap out of your comfort zone and study abroad. We commend you! You are about to embark on a life changing and character building experience that you will never forget (hopefully). Now you just have to figure out where it is you want to go. This isn’t an easy decision. No matter what you are looking for, there are endless choices, and figuring it all out can be quite daunting. Well you’re in luck; we’ve done some research and talked to a few “study abroaders” to come up with a list of places you should definitely consider for your time abroad.

1.  Berlin

Having recently emerged as one of the “coolest” cities in the world, Berlin is a youngster’s paradise. Rivaling both New York and London, Berlin has been known to attract artists, musicians and history buffs alike.

However, what really sets Berlin apart from its metropolitan counterparts is its affordability. Berlin is one of the most affordable student cities in the world, and even offers free education (nation-wide). Yes, you read that right, free education. Undergraduate as well as some postgraduate programs are fully subsidized by the government, for both residents as well as international students.

Cool, artistic, cheap… I don’t think I need to say much more.

(It’s also considered by many to be one of the best party cities in the world, so there’s that too)

Highlights: Affordable, Artistic, Cultural

2. London 

It’s difficult to compile a “best cities” list without including London, and this is no exception. London has long been regarded as one of the best cities for international students due to the quantity and quality of educational institutions.

In addition, you are unlikely to run out of things to do in this massive metropolitan city. Getting around is easy with an incredibly extensive underground subway network, but be sure to call it the “tube” so you fit in a little better. Also, don’t pronounce the H in Thames… just a little heads up.

It’s not a cheap city, so be prepared. However, once you become more well acquainted with the city you’re sure to find ways to become more financially savvy. The vast diversity of the city is apparent everywhere you go, and has heavily influenced the culture as well as the food. No matter who you are, London will definitely have something to offer you.

Highlights: High quality education, Diverse, Never a dull moment

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