Vacations and travel are surely becoming synonymous words in today’s world. Whenever we get a few days’ leave from our busy work schedule, the first question that strikes our mind is where to plan a trip. With the advent of internet at our finger tips the entire world has become as small as a neighborhood. So, a foreign trip nowadays is as common as going to bed at night. But when a tour abroad is planned we need to look after our safety primarily and even more importantly our purse needs to be looked after. Apart from that you need a bit of intelligent budgeting and collecting as much information as possible. It is very essential to be money smart while traveling abroad or else you might find yourself bankrupt after your trip.

Here we will try to enlist a few tips and trickeries to save money without curtailing any sort of enjoyment while travelling abroad.

  1. Monitoring the exchange rates: – The exchange rates keep fluctuating day to day, as such it is absolutely essential to keep track of the latest exchange rates of the specific country while traveling.
  2. Traveling with a cheap airline: – Check the internet for the latest offers before booking the air tickets. Websites like are of great help in securing low cost air tickets from USA to different parts of the world even for the business class flights.
  3. Look for exclusive hotel booking offers: – One click of a webpage is good enough to inform you about hundreds of offers on hotel bookings in the preferred country. Book the hotels well in advance to avoid extra payment.
  4. Prefer the public transport while on tour: – Always try to use the public transport when on tour for any purpose because wherever in the world you are the cheapest form of transportation is the public transport as it is specially designed for the travel purpose of carrying the daily passengers at a cheap rate.
  5. Carry the essential credit cards only: – Carry only the cards you would need on the tour. Carrying extra cards might lead to extra exhaustion of your account balance.
  6. Always have cash: – Try to spend as little cash as possible because cash might be required at some point during your trip. Try always to purchase items using credit cards, especially the major items.
  7. Beware of the fake ATMs: – During a tour the requirement of cash can haunt you at any time but make sure that the ATM machine is a legitimate one before punching your card into it or you might fetch yourself into a great deal of trouble.

It is understandable that being money smart during a tour abroad is only a matter of intelligent planning and collection of correct information. With the availability of the internet at our fingertips in today’s world it’s no longer too big of a deal to handle.

About the Author:

Alex Brain is a specialist on offering travel related expertise for travellers across the globe. He loves to guide frequent travellers so that they can grab cheap business class airfare from ASAP Tickets for their trip with ease. Apart from being an eminent academician his other areas of interest are finance and management related studies.