Fundraising Extraordinaire: Crowdfunding as a Resume-Builder

Your crowdfunding experience should make you shine with pride. It is something that you should be able to list on your resume and discuss with confidence in an interview. Running a successful fundraiser campaign speaks to many valuable skills that can impress future employers. Don’t sell yourself short! These are just some of the marketable skills you will gain by running a crowdfunding campaign.

Financial Analysis

As you plan your campaign, you have to conduct an analysis to plan for expenses. Crowdfunding forces the campaigner to seriously determine how much money he or she needs to fundraise. FundMyTravel users must consider airfare, housing, program fees, travel insurance, and much more. Budgeting plays a role in every company, and if a budget is misjudged, this can cause serious issues. Accurately forecasting costs will earn you points with businesses and organizations who rely on precise reports to run a profitable operation.


While there may not be a formal exchange of a good or service, crowdfunding absolutely transforms the fundraiser into a salesperson. When you ask potential funders for donations, you are essentially marketing yourself. First, you are making a sales pitch; you are reaching out and asking people to invest in you and your experience. You must earn trust and credibility to prove that what you are doing is meaningful. To make the sale, you have to convince potential donors that you are worthy of their contribution.

Fundraising Experience

This may seem like a given, but fundraising is actually a unique skill to possess. Many nonprofit organizations (who exist because of charitable donations) seek to hire individuals with this type of experience. If you can provide hard evidence that you were able to set a fundraising goal and meet (or exceed!) it, a potential employer will be impressed. This shows motivation and an entrepreneurial spirit!

Portfolio Pieces

Through your crowdfunding process, take the time to create supplements to your campaign page. A well-made video is a great piece to show aptitude for digital production. A captivating blog will demonstrate a knack for descriptive writing. Come up with other ideas to display creativity and showcase your unique talents. These pieces will be valuable representations of your abilities when networking and applying for future jobs.

The crowdfunding process is as valuable as the experience being funded! It teaches skills that are applicable to the real-world and that stand out on a resume. Fundraising doesn’t have to feel like a negative, impossible feat. Look at it as a positive opportunity for professional development, and you will already be starting off on the right foot!

About the Author:

Hayley Dardick – FundMyTravel Intern

This Colorado native officially caught the travel bug in 2012 after cruising through a number of European cities with her family. Since then, Hayley has studied abroad in Tanzania and participated in an anthropology field school in Gozo, Malta. She loves doing research abroad because it allows so much interaction with locals! Hayley studies anthropology and political science at the University of Colorado in Boulder.

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