Month: October 2015

Five Online Security Tips for the Digital Nomad

Today our Guest Blogger gives the FundMyTravel community some tips and tricks on how to keep our data and technology safe from hacker while traveling abroad.

Travel to most countries has never been easier, leading a number of people both young and old to follow their dream and become world travelers. It is an exciting and educational life, and many people wouldn’t trade those times for anything.

Technology and digital media has played a big part in this, allowing people to constantly stay in communication with each other and acting as a tool to get around easier. Despite the situation 10 years ago, few people today can imagine traveling without a smartphone and/or laptop with all of their helpful applications. These devices contain the lives and memories of travelers on them, and that is why they might be valuable to criminals.

Here are five tips that might help you keep your data and technology safe while you travel:

Use a Virtual Private Network

Unprotected public networks are probably your number one direct threat while acting as a digital nomad. On them, people can listen in using a simple piece of equipment and intercept whatever information you send (or request) over the network. This includes financial data, personal information, and usernames and passwords for your online accounts.

To protect yourself, you need to use a Virtual Private Network. This service allows your smartphone or laptop to connect to an offsite secure server via an encrypted connection, so you can surf the internet anonymously and safely. You can even connect to servers in different countries to use services normally blocked by regional restrictions (such as Netflix). Once you read some reviews and make the right choice, you will be a whole lot safer wherever you travel.

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The Economics of Packing

So you just booked your impromptu ticket to Europe next week. Or you just got your student Visa from the Chinese Embassy days before your flight date (because lets be honest, that is what always happens with student visas). All you have left to do is decide what to pack.  If this is your first time going abroad, you will probably be tempted to pack your whole room in your suitcase for all the “what if’s”.  Trust me when I say that you do not need to pack as much as you think you do.

The Quick and Dirty: LESS IS MORE

Folks in the economics have this concept called “diminishing marginal returns.” Basically, the more junk you pack in your bag, the less use you get out of each individual item you pack. Especially considering you have to lug all of that stuff around. Conversely the less you pack, the more use you get out of each individual item and the less burden you have of dealing with deadweight in your bag.  By packing half as much, you can get twice the enjoyment out of your travels.


Save time and money at the airport – Some international flights don’t charge for your first or second pieces of luggage, but many domestic flights do. Do you really want to spend your first moments in your destination waiting for your luggage to come out of the carousel? NO, you want to hit the ground running (or hit it sitting in a taxi, if that is your thing).

Less of a target – We have seen the image of a traveler carrying a back pack, a duffle and a large rolling suitcase.  It just screams tourist and makes you a target to thieves, pick pockets and con artists alike. Not only that, dealing with multiple bags splits your attention that could be used for both enjoying the atmosphere and keeping an eye out for potential dangers around you.

Easier to organize – It is much easier to organize your belongs by sheer nature of having less of them. This means you have a smaller chance of losing and misplacing things. The best part about having less is that you have less stuff to unpack and repack, saving time and trouble especially if you are moving between different hotels or hostels.

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5 Unique Fund-raising Ideas To Save Money For Your Dream Trip

Looking for creative ways to collect funds for your FundMyTravel campaign? Well, you’re in luck. Todays guest blogger has some great online and offline ideas just for you!

Sometimes life revolves around fulfilling a dream no one else can see, but you. There are many travel junkies who give up their jobs just to travel around the globe. Others keep doing their jobs along-with a hidden desire of having enough funds to finance their travel dreams. If you are one such person, then do away with all your worries because we bring to you some unique ideas which will help you raise funds easily for your dream trip.

Optimize Social Media Platforms

Once you have created your FundMyTravel campaign page utilize your social media platforms to spread the word about it. Facebook, Twitter and Google + are all great platforms to share your campaign. Once you have shared your campaign to your network ask your family and friends to share your campaign on their platforms. The more shares your campaign gets, the more likely potential donors will see your campaign page!

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Best Practices in Fundraising for Travel: Part 2

In the last post, we began touching on the different types of campaigns seen across FundMyTravel and what works for them, as well as what doesn’t. We’re picking up where we left of and diving into a couple more campaign categories which have left a pretty big impression on the crowd-funding community- particularly the meaningful travel community…. Click here to read Part One of this post and get the most out of these insights within there full context.

Professional Development- Gaining International Experience, Work, Teach, Intern

Without question: if your CV or resume has international experience on it, you will go into a different pile, as the prospective employers are reviewing and organizing applications for the job. For some areas of work expertise, it is more important than others but at the end of the day, we aren’t becoming a globalized market place; we already are one, so it’s beneficial for a company to recruit globalized team players.

These types of campaigns already have a bit of a head start, because the network reach for someone campaigning to get professional experience overseas, reaches fairly far and wide, particularly as a lot of campaign viewers can empathize with the desire to work abroad.  All of that being said, it is a constantly competitive marketplace and always will be, so make sure you set yourself and your campaign apart by explaining what is different about it and why this experience is a rare opportunity. It’s also extremely important to note the fact that you’ve worked hard and have rightly earned this opportunity. (If you actually haven’t worked for it or earned it, then you may wish to think again before starting a campaign, not trying to be harsh, but honesty is the best policy- no one is “entitled” to asking for hand-outs.)

Answer to “Where is the Value Add?”

The value-add here is beautifully obvious. There are so many transferrable and essential skill-sets that come with working and living in another country. It’s of great benefit for any potential employer to gain a culturally sensitive asset and enhance the scope of a business’s perspective with the addition of an internationally experienced worker. A few of those skill-sets may be: adaptability, initiative and intrinsic-motivation, a second language proficiency perhaps, understanding of different cultural values, ability to work with others as well as independently- The list goes on…

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Best Practices in Fundraising for Travel: Part 1

To approach this topic effectively, the best way to break it down is by campaign type. I don’t know about you, but to that introduction, the cheeky other side of my brain responds “Well, duh- the site is called FundMyTravel, aren’t they all Travel campaigns?” And I must reply again that, in fact, there are even distinct variations within our niche, exploration area of the crowd-funding realm.

Of course, any campaign that is done well, will be done personally, which is to say that, there will be a plethora of differences among all the campaigns on FundMyTravel and on any other platform for that matter, but when it comes to this site, you can typically associate your campaign with one of the broader categories below, so for each of those we’ll discuss a couple of the best practices for your strategic approach to succeed.

Educational Travel- Study, Exchange, Short Course, Personal Learning, Study Tour

For this type of campaign it is especially important, as momentum picks up around your trip and the fundraising activity, to remember for yourself, and frequently remind campaign viewers that the end goal/result of this whole thing is focused towards enhancing your educational experience- and doing so with something more “hands-on” in the “real-world.” The ultimate result being that you become a person who has, not only applied themselves and gained from their higher education on the academic side of things, but one who considers the big picture with a more worldly lens. As cliché as the whole “Global Citizen” thing can sound, it’s a genuinely more significant attribute to have, each day that our world does in fact “become flatter.”

Everything is interdependent and affected by the differing actions, markets, policies, movements, and traditions that are practiced or currently developing on an international level, so it’s terribly important to be aware of these things and there is no better way to do that, than to learn it in person and in context. The connections you make with other internationals along the way are also going to be a huge part of your education and growth, and it’s something that you simply wont experience if you spend the lot of your university experience, limited to one place and only inside of the classroom. Remind your campaign viewers about these facts.

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