Looking for creative ways to collect funds for your FundMyTravel campaign? Well, you’re in luck. Todays guest blogger has some great online and offline ideas just for you!

Sometimes life revolves around fulfilling a dream no one else can see, but you. There are many travel junkies who give up their jobs just to travel around the globe. Others keep doing their jobs along-with a hidden desire of having enough funds to finance their travel dreams. If you are one such person, then do away with all your worries because we bring to you some unique ideas which will help you raise funds easily for your dream trip.

Optimize Social Media Platforms

Once you have created your FundMyTravel campaign page utilize your social media platforms to spread the word about it. Facebook, Twitter and Google + are all great platforms to share your campaign. Once you have shared your campaign to your network ask your family and friends to share your campaign on their platforms. The more shares your campaign gets, the more likely potential donors will see your campaign page!

Become A Master Chef

If you are good at cooking, then you can make some special items at home and offer it to the people in exchange for money. You can sell anything based on your cooking skills, be it- jams, pickles, cookies, cake, muffins etc.

Help Children In Academics

You can offer to teach the subjects you are good at to the children in your neighbourhood. It is rightly said that the knowledge once acquired, never goes waste. So, there isn’t a better use of your knowledge than sharing it with others.

Plan A House Removal

There are many items in everyone’s home which we do not use anymore. Play treasure hunt in your house and find all the extra items that are collecting dust. Then, sell the items on a local Facebook Garage Sale Group, on ebay, or have a little garage sale of your own!

Art To Your Rescue

If you are an artist, then use your art to raise funds for your travels. If you are good at painting, then you can ask for donations in exchange of your paintings. If you can sing well, then you can give classes to someone who is interested in learning music. You can also offer to perform in social gatherings and parties in exchange for funds. You can also write columns for magazines and newspapers, to make good use of your writing skills.

Before you put any of these plans into action, decide where you plan to travel. If San Francisco full day city tour is on your bucket list, plan your tour with Private Tours San Francisco. Research how much the tour packages and the extra expenses will be. Then set your target budget. It is easy to focus and avoid wasting time, once you know your requirements well. Choose the fundraising idea best suited to you for which you can take some time out of your daily schedule. Set the charges accordingly and you are all set to go on your dream trip, once you reach your target.

About the Author:

Hi, I am Amber Clark. Traveling excites me and this is the only thing I am passionate about. Since a couple of months, I have been living a homeless life and believe me I am loving it. Currently exploring private tours in San Francisco.