Traveling is not all about fun. A great deal of it is, yes, but not all. And it is definitely not a time wasting activity as some feel. In fact, traveling has much more to offer to us than we assume – in terms of both health benefits and in honing our skills. You see, through traveling you better understand your own self and the world around you which helps you improve your lifestyle and working skills. Normally we tend to think of traveling as something we indulge in in order to get away from work and the stress that life showers us with. When we talk about going on vacation we basically and usually mean that we are taking a break from everything and relaxing to de-stress ourselves. Yet, even while on travel, you are learning new things that could advance your career.

Time management

When traveling we have to manage our time such that we make the most of our vacation. We have to set a routine if we want to fully explore the new place. Allot time for specific activities and adhere to it. Plan everything properly to use your time effectively. Prioritize, set goals and work smart. You require all this if you want to get the most out of the vacation. Time management is also required at your workplace. You will get more accomplished if you manage your time properly.

Research skills

When you are visiting a new city you have to find out all that you can about it before going there, especially if you have not hired a travel agency or a guide. You do not want to be stranded in a foreign land, not knowing what to do,  just because you did not research enough about the country. You should find out about the popular hangouts you need to see there, the souvenirs or items the place is famous for, the dishes you should try, safety measures you need to take, in fact even what the weather there is going to be so you pack accordingly. All this requires research and when you are back at the office after your vacation your research skills will have improved.

Confidence/Social & Communication Skills

When you travel, especially if you are going solo, you are required to interact with many strangers on the way. You may need to ask them for directions, what bus to take, the specialty of the area, where to go for what, and in order to ask these questions you need to have the confidence to speak up. You will realize that the more you interact with strangers, the easier it will become for you to speak your mind. You will develop your people skills and your communication will improve as you make attempts to speak with the locals. This will help you out in your career. There is practically no job out there that does not require these skills. In fact, even to get a job, you need to have a certain amount of confidence and communication skills.


You can plan your whole trip out properly and be very organized but something almost always is bound to happen that will interfere with your plans. You cannot be fully prepared for everything. If something does not go as planned, you will have no choice but to adapt to the situation rather than panicking. Similarly, there will almost always be problems and changes at work that you will need to adapt to. Adapting while on vacation will help you be able to adapt in the workplace.

Stress management

Being out in the foreign world is not easy. Unless you are used to traveling a lot, you may, at a point, feel stressed out due to a variety of reasons: being away from home, missing your family, missing your regular routine, not being able to locate a place or getting lost, having had your wallet taken, a stranger rudely telling you to buzz off. It could be anything. The important thing at that time would be to let all that go and learn to enjoy the vacation and have fun. Same goes for the workplace as well. There may be a lot of stress at work but you will have to learn to work in that environment rather than let it affect your work.

Decision Making

Traveling sometimes forces you to make decisions quickly. You do not have a lot of time to ponder over the question. You have to decide what to do and do it on the spot. Your plans may have changed and you have to reorganize your trip. You will not have the whole day to come up with a new plan; you will have to decide immediately what to do. You missed your bus, what to do next? You made a friend in a museum, can you trust him? You do not seem to trust the hygiene at your hotel, should you book a room elsewhere? After all, germs don’t take a vacation. Even at work you are required to make decisions regularly and quickly. What work to give more priority to and what can wait? Who is the best for such and such task? Whether you should take your client’s new project in spite of the unbelievably short deadline? Traveling helps you learn to think over and decide on issues quickly.

About the Author:

Batool Ali is a passion blogger who loves to writes on latest trending topics.