Month: December 2015

Exotic Places to Celebrate this Christmas Season


Where are you spending your holiday season this year? Is it abroad or back home? Below is a list of exotic places you could celebrate Christmas. 

Salzburg, Austria

The baroque architecture of this beautifully preserved city centers north of the Alps is known all across the world. The birthplace of 18th century composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Salzburg rewards people who venture a little further. It is a city with a promising art scene, lovely food, concert halls and manicured parks. The scenery and the skyline of Salzburg are unparalleled.

As the fourth-largest city in Austria, Salzburg makes for an idyllic Christmas destination. Jingle bells, spiced honey cookies, and glistening snow,  it will feel like a Christmas card out there.

You can also take the Sound of Music bus tour and opt for the street vendors’ clever marionettes. You can take your kids to midnight mass at Peterskirche with choirs of painted angels and also a walk to the sound of church bells. Continue reading

5 Cheap Vacation Destinations in the World


The world is shrinking, thanks to high speed internet and low cost airlines. It is now possible to visit hundreds of destinations around the world on a shoestring budget. The difficult part is actually choosing the right destination! Here are five of the best cheap vacation destinations:

Northern Italy

Northern Italy is the place to see and to enjoy the culture of a major European city and the stunning natural beauty of some of the best scenery in Europe. Milan is one of the most famous cities on earth, home to some of the biggest fashion designers and it offers hundreds of opportunities to shop.

However, there is more to this part of Italy than just shopping! Visit the Duomo; a spectacular church, the bravest people can climb to the top and enjoy an amazing view of the city and surrounding countryside. Northern Italy is also home to Lake Como; a magical mix of water and beautiful countryside which create a haven from the pace of everyday life.

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Tips for Fundraising

Today’s blog post focuses on ways you can fundraise for your international trip!

You work hard day and night to make money. A certain fraction of your earnings are saved for future plans and projects. We save money so that we can plan a holiday abroad, study at a prestigious university in our favorite country, or accomplish a dream project. Saving money is a good habit but there are other ways in which you can make money for that trip abroad. 

Get Physical

Think about using each of your skills to raise fund for your travels. If you play badminton, then take your racket and hit the courts. Try to get sponsored for every 15 minutes of play. Challenge your buddies at an arm wrestling contest and ask for a fee to enter the contest. If aerobics is your thing, then put on a show for your family and friends and ask for donations at the door.

Bake Sale

If you love baking then prepare scrumptious cakes, muffins, cookies and more, and organize a bake sale. This is an especially good idea around the holidays!

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10 Best Places for Solo Female Travel

Solo female traveling is almost always frowned upon. Beyond the obvious reasons of abuse, theft, and robbery, there are other factors that deter the prospects of female travelers such as; over pricing, theft from hotel rooms, wrong info, and so much more. Female travelers are more prone to be taken advantage of than others. No matter how much it irritates you, it is a fact. While some brave all these odds and still go on with their journey, cautiously; there are many who take a step back, reluctantly.

For the female travelers driven by the wanderlust wanting to travel solo, below are 10 amazing locations that are rated as the best places for solo female travel. These places are overall considered much safer than many others. However, basic precautions should always be exercised.

  1. Ottawa in Canada

Bordering Quebec, the capital city of Canada is a cosmopolitan place with French and English as main languages used for conversation. Quebec offers many places to be discovered, admired, and loved by all travelers. The people are friendly and warm. Check into decent hotels around the old ByWard market where you will find most of the bustling city attractions close by.

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Travel Insurance – What You Need to Know

Today on the FundMyTravel blog we will be learning a bit about the importance of Travel Insurance.

When you’re planning a holiday – whether you’re going for a short city break or a mammoth expedition around the world – you’ll have several things to organize and think about. Getting your travel and accommodation in place is obviously the first thing, followed by the exciting part: planning your itinerary. Then you’ll need to work out what to pack, how much currency to take and all those other little parts that make up your trip.

But there’s something really important that you really shouldn’t travel without: travel insurance. It may seem like an extra expense (and you may feel that you would rather spend the cost of the premium on other things like excursions or meals out) but the cost is small compared to the consequences of travelling without it.

Travel insurance will usually cover:

  • The cost of replacing lost, stolen or damaged luggage
  • Compensation for delayed flights
  • The cost of your holiday if you have to cancel it or cut it short (e.g. if you were to lose your job, or fall ill while abroad, or have to return home to care for a family member)
  • Private medical treatment abroad
  • The cost of having to be taken to hospital by ambulance
  • Personal liability cover – in case you were to injure someone else (even accidentally) while on holiday and were sued for damages
  • Repatriation of your body (returning it Home) if the worst should happen

There are different types of travel insurance available, so take care to select the right policy for your particular circumstances.

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