Today’s blog post focuses on ways you can fundraise for your international trip!

You work hard day and night to make money. A certain fraction of your earnings are saved for future plans and projects. We save money so that we can plan a holiday abroad, study at a prestigious university in our favorite country, or accomplish a dream project. Saving money is a good habit but there are other ways in which you can make money for that trip abroad. 

Get Physical

Think about using each of your skills to raise fund for your travels. If you play badminton, then take your racket and hit the courts. Try to get sponsored for every 15 minutes of play. Challenge your buddies at an arm wrestling contest and ask for a fee to enter the contest. If aerobics is your thing, then put on a show for your family and friends and ask for donations at the door.

Bake Sale

If you love baking then prepare scrumptious cakes, muffins, cookies and more, and organize a bake sale. This is an especially good idea around the holidays!

Clothing Sale

We know you have piles of clothes that you haven’t worn in the last few months. Try selling them to Plato’s Closet,  whatever you don’t sell there sell out of your house during a garage sale. If you want to add a bit of humor, then plan a fashion show at your home and sell your clothes on the runway.


Help your neighbors by washing their cars and cleaning their windows or house,  and ask for a small donation in exchange for your services.


Plan small events like Halloween parties, Christmas parties, garden parties, and tea parties. Promote your events in the newspaper and on social media. Invite family, friends, and friends of friends, and ask for a small entry fee to cover the cost of food, and beverage. Ask for donations for your trip during the party.


Regular exercise is  great for your health and can be good for your fundraising! Walking is a great form of exercise. Become a dog walker and while you are getting in your daily exercise in you will also be getting paid to walk your neighbors dog! It’s a win win!

Marathon Events

Organize marathons like table tennis, aerobics, squats, chess, or line dancing. You could even plan a 5K  around the city. Require individuals to register and pay a small fee for your events.

Fun Games

Remember childhood games like cricket in the streets, kite flying, tug of war, and cycling? Make them a part of your fundraising with Game Contests. Organize a match competition in your neighborhood and charge an entry fee.

Make your friends, family and neighbors a part of these exciting fundraising projects and make money while having fun.

About the Author

Evie Dawson is a fitness coach and health writer based in Boston, MA. Her passion is to encourage others to stay healthy by using antifungal soap rediscover their lifestyle, and get inspired for organic living.