The world is shrinking, thanks to high speed internet and low cost airlines. It is now possible to visit hundreds of destinations around the world on a shoestring budget. The difficult part is actually choosing the right destination! Here are five of the best cheap vacation destinations:

Northern Italy

Northern Italy is the place to see and to enjoy the culture of a major European city and the stunning natural beauty of some of the best scenery in Europe. Milan is one of the most famous cities on earth, home to some of the biggest fashion designers and it offers hundreds of opportunities to shop.

However, there is more to this part of Italy than just shopping! Visit the Duomo; a spectacular church, the bravest people can climb to the top and enjoy an amazing view of the city and surrounding countryside. Northern Italy is also home to Lake Como; a magical mix of water and beautiful countryside which create a haven from the pace of everyday life.



Prague’s popularity continues to increase. It is a vibrant city full of life and character and there are still plenty of places where you can enjoy good food, drink and local company; at a price which won’t blow your budget! It is also home to some astounding architectural gems; such as Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and the Astronomical clock situated in the old town.

There are a huge number of cultural events held here and it is world famous for the wide variety of beers which can be sampled in one of the many bars. The city is full of culture and has a friendly, lively atmosphere, perfect for letting your hair down and enjoying one of the best nights out of your life!


This is a great time to travel to what has been described as the world’s number one destination. Civil unrest in parts of the Middle East are keeping people away and forcing the price of even the best hotels down. There is a huge market that must be seen to be believed and the vibe is fantastic. Istanbul joins Europe and Asia and the influences of both cultures can be seen and enjoyed. Most venues offer their own blend of Asian and western foods and music. A night out is truly an experience to remember!  

Other attractions include the Hagia Sophia; this cathedral is a UNESCO world heritage site and has now been turned into a mosque. There are also a huge amount of Roman and Greek ruins to be explored; you never know you may even find a lost treasure! Outside of the city you can venture to the Turkish Riviera and soak up the sun. If you prefer, you can enjoy some hiking in the picturesque Cappadocia Mountains; and marvel at the many structures carved out of the volcanic rock.


Should you choose to visit Lisbon you will be surprised at just how much this Portuguese city differs from its Spanish neighbors. Lisbon is an ancient port and sits on seven hills. These hills surround the port and give you a different perspective for every hilltop. The price of food and drink is much cheaper than many of the common European destinations and there is a range of hostels or budget accommodation available. The city is a hive of activity, much of which is centered on the bars and cafes located beside the port.  

For those looking for a little more culture you can visit the Jeronimos Monastery; it is considered to have the most beautiful cloisters in the world. Alternatively, St Georges Castle or Belem tower are two sights that should not be missed. There is also an abundance of museums, including the design and fashion museum. There is so much to do here that a weekend will simply not be enough!

India, the Himalayan Region


Last but certainly not least, we have India and the beautiful Himalayan Region. If you’re an adventure seeker, this is the place to be. Explore Himachal, Sikkim, Jammu & Kashmir, and Uttarakhand, and benefit from an incredible Asian trip. Prices in the area are incredibly cheap, and the region will introduce you to some of the world’s most amazing people. Delight in their customs and traditions, relax in a Hindu temple, and get in touch with nature. You’ll leave totally refreshed and more relaxed than ever.

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