Admit it. You haven’t traveled as much as you’d like. And there are probably a hundred of states and countries and islands that you want to visit. And, while you hate to admit it, most of those goals may never be fulfilled. But, why? What’s stopping you from getting up and going?

There are so many reasons to travel; here are eight of them.  

  1. Spontaneity is the key to happiness.

The first time I ever booked a flight on a Monday and departed on the following Wednesday was the most exhilarating trip of my life. Our ability to get in a plane and FLY, wherever we want to go, is unbelievable. Isn’t it tempting to know that you could be on the other side of the world this time tomorrow?

The happiest people I have ever met are the type of people who say yes. They aren’t afraid of dropping everything and going. They don’t overanalyze. They don’t worry or anticipate. They just live, and they are also the worldliest, most interesting friends I have.

man and mountains

2. Everybody’s doing it.

I don’t usually suggest succumbing to peer pressure, but when it comes to traveling, one simple reason to do it is that other people are. And they’re not going to wait for you to do it. And when they return, they’re going to be glowing, looking refreshed and renewed, with countless stories to tell. And I can guarantee that a piece of you will wish that you had a similar experience to share.

The world is so large, and it’s waiting to be explored. Why not join in on the journey? Why not join in on the conversation?

Traveling gives you a hands-on experience of new places and cultures, which cannot be learned by reading a book or manual. You have to see it for yourself.

3. Learn about yourself.

Traveling reveals a side of ourselves that we very rarely tap into. It tests our patience. It temps our love for adventure. It’s an regrettable investment in making your personality more interesting.  It reveals our true colors in a foreign land, or a place that we do not feel entirely comfortable in.

It turns us into a more well-rounded person, someone who is able to (literally) put themselves in other people’s shoes, to experience what the locals experience.

4. Build relationships with other people.

Traveling not only introduces us to people we never would have met without boarding a plane; it influences our relationships with those we travel with.

Traveling with someone for the first time can make or break a friendship. Trust me, I’ve experiences both sides of that coin. You don’t truly know a person until you spend more than 72 consecutive hours with them.

Traveling with a (new or old) partner is a great way to test the strength of your relationship. It will force the two of you to spend time together, entertain each other, to explore, share, and to, most importantly, compromise.

5. There is no time like the present.

Life is short, and people often fall into the familiarity of a daily routine. It’s important that we don’t lose sight of the Bucket List. Take control of your own future. If you want to travel, book a damn flight.

We seem to spend more time daydreaming, scheduling and feeling anxious about traveling than we spend actually doing it. Why? Traveling isn’t as difficult as we make it seem. And even if it was, the moment you find yourself feeding a wild monkey in the jungle of a continent you don’t belong to, it’ll be worth it. Surf - Sea

6. Life is measured by new experiences.

When you look back at your life, you probably won’t remember the days you sat around doing nothing. Or maybe you will, since most of our days are spent ordinarily; however, the memories that will bring you the most satisfaction are the ones in which you tried something new.

Pick up a surfboard. Eat some local cuisine. Learn a new language. Get totally lost and find your own way back.

7. It’s one time.

This particular article encourages you to drop everything and travel “at least once in your life.” The real hope is that it will go so smoothly that one time will turn into two times, which will turn into three times, and then four times, until you are a seasoned traveler.  

8. You’ll appreciate home more.

If for no other reason, travel just to come back home. Sure, it’s true. There’s no better feeling then landing in a new destination. But similarly, there is no better feeling then the relief and comfort that will come from stepping into your house after a long trip away.

About the Author:

Sarah WilliamsSarah Williams she’s a happy lifestyle writer who shares her thoughts on self-development and relationships at Wingman Magazine. She loves to travel in the alternative ways and doing things she’s never done before, because she thinks the key to happiness is a continuous learning process of expanding your comfort zone and having mindful interactions with people. After having visited over 50 countries before the age of 28 she lives now in Berliny, Germany.