There are few funding opportunities as socially engaging and satisfying as crowdfunding. It brings people together, creates a sense of community and, most importantly lends gravitas to whatever it is that is being funded. If that’s your next foreign trip, you may be wondering how you can generate such a buzz. Equally, how do you excite your friends and family about your campaign?

Experts believe there are many advantages to crowdfunding, but those close to you may still need convincing. Well, you’re in luck – there are plenty of ways to engage your loved ones and get them involved in your crowdsourcing travel project. I’ve picked out 7 of the best.

  1. Create a video

Like any crowdsourcing campaign, you’ll need to create a video pitch in order to have a hope of generating maximum funding; people want to see you and hear your unique story before putting their hand in their pocket. This is the ideal opportunity to involve your friends. Everyone likes playing a star role in a home video, so why not ask them to help produce your promo video?


  1. Utilize social media

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Social media and crowdfunding go hand-in-hand and you will extend the reach of your campaign immeasurably if you get your friends involved. They’ll enjoy it, too. Ask them to share your updates and promote the trip to their network. Remember – friends share and share alike!

  1. Write about a previous trip

Something will have inspired your travel plans and that may have been a previous trip. If it inspired you, it’ll inspire others. Write a blog post detailing the reasons it got you pumped for your crowdfunded travel project and show it to your friends – they’ll love it.

  1. Jump on a bandwagon

If there’s a viral activity sweeping social media and you can link it to your travel plans, go for it. The more exposure you can get on social media the better.

  1. Go somewhere they’ve been before


This is particularly handy if you’re struggling to settle on a destination. Ask your friends and family about their favourite vacations. If one fits – go for it. By doing so, you’ll have involved them right from the start and they will subsequently have a strong emotional connection to the journey you will undertake.

  1. Invite them along

Crowdfunded travel doesn’t have to be a solitary experience. There’s no better way to excite your friends and family about your project than to invite them to join you. Plus, you can share the arduous task of putting together that all important travel checklist.

  1. Involve them during the trip

You may want to travel alone, but technology will enable you to involve your friends and family throughout, no matter where they are. Skype, FaceTime and live streaming platforms such as Periscope will enable you to do just that. Promise regular updates during the trip and you’ll have their full attention from the beginning to the end.

There’s no getting away from it – you’ll need help from those closest to you when it comes to crowdsourcing a foreign trip. Thankfully, travel gets most people excited, even if they’re not boarding the plane. If you capitalize on that with the above tips, you’ll quickly build a network of supporters who will cheer you along with every mile you pass.

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