Month: February 2016

You Don’t Choose a Backpack, A Backpack Chooses You


Finding the correct backpack for traveling is very difficult and one of the most important decisions you will make before setting off, as your whole life will be in the bag, therefore, it’s essential you find the right one. If the traveling bag is too big, you’ll have too much extra weight. Too small, and you’ll never fit everything in. A backpack is different than a suitcase because with a suitcase, you use it at the beginning and end of trip. The backpack will be used in an entirely different way throughout your trip.

Think of it this way, what will be with you every day for your trip around the world? What will you use as a cushion for those long journeys? What will protect your clothes when it rains? The backpack is really your best friend! There are a number of things to consider that you might not even know about! Here are some tips on choosing a travel backpack:


Analyze the size of the backpack. Size matters. As you will be moving a lot, it’s important that you can carry comfortably. A backpack of 60 litres is advised. With 60 litres, you should have enough room to fit everything you need. Don’t go bigger bag. It’s not just that it will weight more but the bag might be too big for lockers or difficult to cope with on public transport.  Jack Layden of Basecamp Adventure Store, says, “We always encourage travelers to go as light as possible for the conditions they expect. Less is more. It’s not mandatory to fill a pack to capacity!”


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5 Low Budget Traveling Tips

Figure 1 By microstockcommunity

Figure 1 By microstockcommunity

One of the most important factors we need to contemplate before taking a trip is money. We often times think that we need to be rich, or at least to have big savings, in order to take a vacation, but the reality is that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, where you will go or when are you planning to make that trip. Here are some useful hacks, tips and advice that will definitely help you and your wallet in your adventure from the beginning (months before it) to the last day of your travel (yes, when you finally return to home).

Determine where and when you want to travel and book your flights ahead of time.

If you start planning your itinerary with anticipation you will definitely find the best flight and accommodation deals. Some websites like Kayak or WhichBudget (the most famous ones) are made to search the best airlines and hotel prices and compare them with other offers; this way you can choose the best option for your trip. It also matters which season of the year you want to travel (for best rates try to travel off-season). Remember it might be different in each country but relax, there are other websites that will make that easier for you.

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Interview with GoAbroad’s Win The World Australia & New Zealand winner — Nicole Teague

Nicole Teagu

Today’s FundMyTravel blog post is an interview with’s Win the World: Australia & New Zealand Winner, Nicole Teague.

Checkout the highlights of her amazing trip itinerary:

  • All flights included via Air New Zealand, sponsored by STA Travel
  • Nurse, monitor, and search for injured wildlife such as koalas and kangaroos on GoEco’s two-week wildlifevolunteering program in Port Stephens
  • Travel from Sydney to Cairns with Loka’s Mick pass, stopping at adventure points along the way including surfing and rain forests
  • Experience the incredible sights of the North Island of New Zealand on Stray’s Batten tour including sand boarding, a wildlife cruise, and specifically-developed Maori experience
  • Enjoy a homestay of your choice in Christchurch, New Zealand through

Nicole is very excited about this amazing opportunity, but still needs some help with a few expenses for the trip, so she created a FundMyTravel campaign. Find out a bit more about her and her campaign by reading her interview below:

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Hi, I’m Nicole. I won the Win the World: Australia and New Zealand competition, which I’m very excited to embark upon!

How did you hear about the Win The World Australia and New Zealand contest? What made you enter?

I’d been subscribed to GoAbroad’s email for a long time, I’m interested in traveling and I like the resources and articles they have. So, when I got an email about the contest I entered.

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