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Figure 1 By microstockcommunity

One of the most important factors we need to contemplate before taking a trip is money. We often times think that we need to be rich, or at least to have big savings, in order to take a vacation, but the reality is that it doesn’t matter how much money you have, where you will go or when are you planning to make that trip. Here are some useful hacks, tips and advice that will definitely help you and your wallet in your adventure from the beginning (months before it) to the last day of your travel (yes, when you finally return to home).

Determine where and when you want to travel and book your flights ahead of time.

If you start planning your itinerary with anticipation you will definitely find the best flight and accommodation deals. Some websites like Kayak or WhichBudget (the most famous ones) are made to search the best airlines and hotel prices and compare them with other offers; this way you can choose the best option for your trip. It also matters which season of the year you want to travel (for best rates try to travel off-season). Remember it might be different in each country but relax, there are other websites that will make that easier for you.

Find the best transportation options.


Many adventure travelers need to carry big and heavy equipment (like photography, camping, and sports equipment) and it can be hard to find  transportation for it. Many taxicabs don’t have enough space and will charge you extra money for your equipment. You can ask for a private transportation service (like Lyft, ShuttlwWizard, Uber, etc.) that will adjust to your needs. You also need to protect your equipment for the flight and search the airlines policies for large items. If you add extra luggage when you purchase your flights the total cost will be lower than if you buy it at the ticket counter.

When you arrive at your destination try to share transportation with partners. You can maybe rent a van and share travel expenses or use buses and public transportation options.

About eating…

Your budget, stomach, and health need to find a balance and work as a team during your travel. If you start planning and thinking about food for the next day it won’t be a problem. Eating by the season and from the streets are always cheaper options (but be careful where you eat, ask for recommendations from locals). You can also bring or prepare your own food. If you’re traveling with friends  you can organize daily meals and take turns making them. If you’re staying at a hotel, take advantage of the free breakfast they offer to guests. Always try to have an energy bar, fruit, and water with you. You can use Tripadvisor to find good, cheep restaurants near your location. 

Ask for tours and packages.

Sometimes it is better to include all the tourist attractions in a package, and if you ask for it as a group they will offer you the best deal. Sometimes it can be  better to book a tour and pay for it rather than walk around visiting places by yourself (because you’ll need to find transportation, tickets, and experiences on your own). You can ask for the different packages at tourist centers or even search for tours on the internet before making your trip and have it all booked when you get there.

Get an international cell phone and use Apps.

There are some phones that work in many countries and you only need to buy a local SIM card when you arrive at your destination. This way you will avoid high communication costs for calls, texts and web services. Another good tip you can apply is to download and use Apps on your smartphone, tablet, etc. There are millions of apps that will help you plan your vacation: search for places to eat, maps, coupons, store deals and discounts and to organize your budget.

Have a nice Adventure!

About the Author:

Erick Clifford is a freelance writer, blogger & traveler with a strong interest and experience in journalism. He’s currently living in Los Angeles and has 5 years of experience inside the blog’s world. He also works as a driver at Shuttlewizard company.