Month: April 2016

Top 10 Affordable Cities to Study Abroad in 2016

Study Abroad
Studying abroad gives students an excellent opportunity to see the world that is outside their own country, but often, studying abroad can come with a high price tag. In addition to the necessary cost of classes and course materials, if you want to study overseas, you need to also consider the cost of things like food, additional travel, and experiences while you are there to get the most out of your student visas.

When abroad, you’re going to want to enjoy the new city you’re living in. Most study abroad programs don’t provide a meal plan, which you may have been given at your home campus. This leaves you with additional costs you may not have had while studying at your school’s campus. Furthermore, depending on the city and area you visit, you will probably want to make additional weekend trips to explore the cities around you.

Fortunately, there are still some amazing cities that have low costs of living where you can fully enjoy the culture of another country without having to pay an arm and leg. Here are ten of the best affordable cities for you to study abroad in 2016.
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Tips and Tricks to Learning a New Language


Trying to meet that language requirement to study abroad? Want to make your life easier when traveling or multiply the number of people you are able to talk to in the world. Picking up new languages I realized, is not a natural gift. It is simply a function of your willingness to learn, and the measures you take to put yourself in a position to learn. Here are some simple ways to cut your language learning time with minimal effort.

Common Words

Usually, the 1000 most commonly used words are all that are necessary for achieving a comfortable level of fluency. This can happen within months if you learn a language like Spanish (much easier to learn vocabulary than Chinese, no complicated characters). It helps to start with the 100 most common words first, then 300, and so on. Out of those 1000 most common words (or in addition to those 1000 words) you can easily learn all the words that sound really similar to your native language or any other language you are familiar with.

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Travel Tricks to Make Packing Your Suitcase a Breeze

Travel Tricks to Make Packing Your Suitcase a Breeze

You’ve planned your vacation and have waited weeks or even months for the date to arrive. All that’s left now is packing your suitcase. Unfortunately, no matter how much you may try, it can be a huge task to fit everything in. Here are nine travel tricks that will help make packing your suitcase a breeze.

Roll Your Clothes

An age-old military hack, rolling your clothes instead of packing with a traditional fold can significantly maximize your luggage space. This isn’t the only benefit though, as rolling can prevent wrinkles from forming as well.

Shoes as Storage

This is space often overlooked when packing. Your shoes can serve a great purpose for storing small items such as socks, jewelry, and other things that can potentially fit inside and won’t need a pocket space instead.

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