Travel Tricks to Make Packing Your Suitcase a Breeze

You’ve planned your vacation and have waited weeks or even months for the date to arrive. All that’s left now is packing your suitcase. Unfortunately, no matter how much you may try, it can be a huge task to fit everything in. Here are nine travel tricks that will help make packing your suitcase a breeze.

Roll Your Clothes

An age-old military hack, rolling your clothes instead of packing with a traditional fold can significantly maximize your luggage space. This isn’t the only benefit though, as rolling can prevent wrinkles from forming as well.

Shoes as Storage

This is space often overlooked when packing. Your shoes can serve a great purpose for storing small items such as socks, jewelry, and other things that can potentially fit inside and won’t need a pocket space instead.

Contact Lens Holder

If you don’t typically wear contacts, you may not have a case on hand, but these small stowaways can be perfect for bringing along travel-size amounts of lotions, creams, foundations, and other toiletry items.

Air Compression Bags

Although typically used when storing away clothes during off-seasons, air compression bags are perfect for creating more space in your suitcase. They can also prevent creasing and wrinkles. This is great if you are headed on a long journey and won’t have time for laundry.

Mix and Match Your Outfits

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If you are going on a longer trip, it may be wise to mix and match your clothing items in order to pack less while still getting the most out of your outfit selections. Use a pair of pants a few days at a time and switch out tops by the day as well.

Protect Your Belongings from Spills

Toiletries are a necessity when traveling, but no one wants to open their suitcase to find that their shampoo or face wash has covered their clothes. Use plastic bags to place your liquids inside and protect everything else.

Pack a Bag for Dirty Laundry

Whether you choose to bring a tote or a garbage bag, bring something along to put your dirty laundry in. This way it can be separated from your clean clothes while on your travels.

Use Tic-Tac or Mint Containers for Small Items

Small things can get lost in a suitcase. Use tiny containers to store items such as bobby pins, hair clips, and earrings.

Protect Your Powder

We all know what a disaster it can be the moment we open up our makeup powder after a trip across the country. Don’t fall victim to the breaking powder disaster. Keep your product from breaking up by sticking a cotton pad or ball inside compacts.

Take One Case

If you wear glasses and are bringing along your sunglasses as well, just take one case. This way you can switch out which ones you need and keep the ones you’re traveling without safe and protected better. Buy or order glasses and cases online at places like Marvel Optics for the best quality.

Traveling is one of the joys in life. Make sure your next trip is stress free with these traveling and packing tips!

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