The holiday season has knocked on the door and now is the time to book an exciting gateway. Whether you’re traveling with your family, taking a romantic break with your spouse or going solo, money is always an imperative thing to think about during the process of trip-planning. With these great money saving tips, you can save a lot and enjoy your trip without sinking into a puddle of worries, and debt.

Cut Your Spending

Start writing down every single purchase you make, tracking every expense that comes out of your bank account. Do this for one to two months and you will end up with a clear picture of where your expenses go. You won’t believe it but this is an amazing eye-opener and will show you where you can cutout expenses to save a lot of funds.

Book Your Flights at the Right Time

The rates of flights differ from month to month. You can compare flights charges online and save a potential package. Generally,  airfares are higher during weekends so avoid traveling on those day. Another way to save is to purchase flights with one or two stops instead of flying direct.  

Departure Time

As compared to rush hours, morning flights are very economical. Airlines don’t like vacant seats, so they trim down airfares to get more bookings during the middle of the week and at less popular travel times.

Find the Right Package Deal Online

At times it is very economical to book a single trip with everything incorporated in just one price. We all hate spam, but if you fly often then it’s a good idea to sign up for hotel, booking and airline newsletters. From time to time they will email you some great budget deals. Try booking your flight, hotel and even rental car together to save a few bucks!

Booking Your Hotel 

Browse, browse and browse for the right hotel, at the right price! Yes, try not to stick to the first rate you see. The world wide web is packed with websites that offer you rates of different hotels. Use these websites and after the right hotel, go to its official website and compare the rates. Even if you see that the rates are same, contact the hotel directly to purchase the room, as they might provide you with some extra perks like free breakfast or free Wi-Fi.

Don’t Buy So Much

It sounds simple but it demands a lot of self control, especially if you are always purchasing the newest clothes or latest gadget trend. Thus, before you place that next order, ask yourself “Do I really need this?” The answer will probably be  NO.

Free Entertainment

Instead of paying money to see this show or that show, explore around and check which clubs, hotels and bars offer free comedy or musical shows.  Also, try to find some free local galleries, museums, libraries, and other attractions.

Hope you find these tips helpful and that they will encourage you to save for that next trip of yours!

About the Author:

LanaLana Marshall has worked as Space Apart Hotel for over seven years and has extensive knowledge of both the serviced apartments and the rental studio property market.