Saving money on holidays is not to hard if you are good at researching online options and dare to explore something different and off the beaten path. The formula is simple, where there are a lot of tourists; there is bound to be high priced and expensive holidays.

Check out any popular spot in your own country and you’ll know what I am talking about. So here are three unique and cheap travel destinations where you can have fun in a reasonable price without punching a hole in your pockets.

An African Safari Holiday in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is the closest neighbor of two giant Safari destinations Zambia and South Africa. You can drive to Zambia or get cheap flights to Victoria Falls, the seventh wonder of the world in just over a hundred (100) pound sterling from Harare, the capital of Zimbabwe. Plus, the stone village and handicrafts in Zimbabwe are worth a trip. Other advantages in going to Zimbabwe include low cost accommodation, warm weather, natural reserves, wild life and bird watching – all that Africa has to offer.

A Beach Holiday in Philippines


Thailand, Indonesia, Maldives or Seychelles – where there is that turquoise blue water and clear skies …you need a lot of money for that. So here is what a less crowded and less popular, yet more entertaining, holiday in Far East Asia can be like. It will certainly include beaches, with a touch of Palm, a number of colonial architecture and museums that you will be happy to spend your mornings at and shopping where haggling is welcomed – all that and more awaits in The Philippines. So, to start off, book your cheap flights to The Philippines, which are easily available with any reasonable travel agent at fairly competitive fares. You can also add accommodation to your bookings if you want to keep it the least of your worries during your holiday. In addition to sightseeing and loads of fun things to do, food is good and shopping is heaven!

A Bachelor Holiday in Latin America

If you are a fully grown adult, but still live in your Parents basement, its time to walk out in the sun. Latin America is not only the nearest holiday destination to U.S.A but also saves you from a lot of visa hassle. Plus, language won’t be a problem! Yet, despite all this abundance of natural blessings Latin America is the one place on earth where you can spend a night at minimum cost and find cheapest hotels anywhere. Many countries, such as Brazil for instance have vast shores and perfect hot beaches. Flights to Rio De Jeneiro Brazil’s most popular beach city or Sao Paulo the oldest Brazilian city, are available in cheap flight fares and for easy reservations.

Now, the only question that remains to be answered is, which destination will you schedule your holiday for? Once you have done that, pack your bag and get going!

About the Author:

I am Fawad Ahmed, a keen writer, a travel enthusiast and a person with a love for nature and cultures. Ever Since my first tour, I’ve been fascinated by the rich and colorful cultures around the world. This inspiration leads to explore new places, meet new people. My travel experiences and new friends worldwide helped me finding ways to avail budgeted holidays and cheap flights to The Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Jamaica and Indonesia. I love to share my experiences and above all, it is about the new challenges in writing which drive me forward to expand my horizon!