Month: June 2016

Travel Tips For Students: Great Ways To Save Money On Your Trips

Be Flexible

Funding is often one of the biggest reasons why student don’t travel. Because of this we have put together a list of ways to keep expense cheap while abroad and hope that they will help people get lost and explore the world more often!

Be Flexible:

Being flexible with your traveling can save you a lot of money. If you book locations in advance, you will very often see significant differences in prices for time of the week. For more expensive hotels or entertainment, booking during the week can save you significant amounts of money. Also, some locations can be less expensive during certain months such as ski areas during the summer or other areas during holidays. Booking combination internet travel deals that include transportation, lodging, and entertainment can save you significant money as well.
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Cost of Living in Thailand : How much do you need?

A beach in the South
Thailand is generally regarded as one of the greatest places to live in Southeast Asia in terms of affordability and quality of life. While there are other fantastic locations nearby, Thailand has earned its reputation as a beautiful destination with perfectly priced rent, food, transportation and destinations. The cost of living in Thailand per month can vary greatly from city to city, but with a little bit of an explanation, it should be quite clear that the prices are fantastic.

Cost Of Living in Thailand Per Month

On a month-to-month basis, Thailand can cost anywhere from $150 to $600 USD per month in decent conditions for rent, utilities, food and fun. Apartments and monthly hotel rentals can be as low as $80 for a room with a bed, bathroom and kitchen, but there is room to spend more for a higher quality or better location. The cost of food in Thailand is right around $1 to $3 per meal, and this is a hot, cooked meal from either a local vendor or a small restaurant. Fruit and vegetable prices are extremely low, though they can rise upward when the fruit isn’t in season or other natural factors drive up the price.

For example, a pound of mango can dip down to $0.25 per pound at times, but that’s not a constant guarantee. Likewise, most other fruits and vegetables are still quite fairly priced, though there are expensive options as well. Large avocados are generally about 3 for $1, though there is a little bit of room for them to cost more or less. Desserts and other treats are also incredibly affordable and sometimes cost as little as a dime.

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5 Awesome And Cheap Places In Europe To Visit Now

5 Awesome And Cheap Places In Europe To Visit Now

You’ve heard that traveling to Europe is expensive, right?

The truth: not every place in Europe is out of your budget.

This list shows you five affordable and awesome cities, which won’t break the bank.

Vienna: Architecture Lover’s Paradise

Vienna - Hundertwasser House
Austria’s capital might seem a surprise to be on this list, but read on.

Visiting the beautiful churches and cathedrals of the city is absolutely free.

Admiring the architecture, including the famous Hundertwasser houses with their quirky lines, is also free.

Walking through Belvedere’s gardens is free and if you want to admire the interior as well, just sit at the café.

Visiting the Prater, probably the most famous park in Europe, is free as well.

Taking public transportation and visiting the whole city center, if you get tired of walking, is as cheap as a cup of coffee. And if you’re staying for a couple of days, Vienna Card could save you a lot on transportation, meals and entrance fees.
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