Fundraising for your meaningful travel experience can be difficult. It can be hard to think of what to say in your campaign or how to ask family and friends to donate to your experience. Luckily, FundMyTravel has provided some amazing ways to get others excited about your campaign! With the tips below on how to fully utilize FundMyTravel’s resources, you’ll be on your way to your first donation in no time!

1. Get Tons of Ideas from the Fundraiser Toolkit


On the FundMyTravel website, the team provides excellent tips and tricks to get your campaign started. From advice on creating a video where you dress up for the climate or environment you will be in, to writing a positive campaign description, there are fantastic, easy tips to incorporate into your campaign. In the toolkit you can also download a printable fundraising checklist, a FundMyTravel outreach letter, and an offline version of the toolkit. Click here to check out the toolkit!

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