Month: July 2016

10 Things to Pack When Volunteering Abroad

What to Pack
Taking the initiative and traveling abroad to volunteer your time can be daunting. Idex 
offers volunteer programs in Nepal, Vietnam, India, and other places and they have a wealth of experience to help you prepare for your journey. Traveling abroad will bring you some new challenges to face. With different languages and completely different cultures being thrown at you, being in a foreign country can become overwhelming if you are not prepared.  Making sure you are prepared with everything you may need on your trip should be the next step after booking it. But what should you be sure to take? Here’s a look at 10 things you should always pack when volunteering abroad.

1. Passport

One of the single most important items to bring with you. Your passport is the key identification that is used while you cross countries borders.  Without this, traveling abroad will be next to impossible because most countries won’t even let you enter. Also, if necessary be sure to have the proper visas. It’s always good to check with the embassy of your host country to see if a visa is required.
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How to Use FundMyTravel Features to Create the Best Campaign

Fundraising for your meaningful travel experience can be difficult. It can be hard to think of what to say in your campaign or how to ask family and friends to donate to your experience. Luckily, FundMyTravel has provided some amazing ways to get others excited about your campaign! With the tips below on how to fully utilize FundMyTravel’s resources, you’ll be on your way to your first donation in no time!

1. Get Tons of Ideas from the Fundraiser Toolkit


On the FundMyTravel website, the team provides excellent tips and tricks to get your campaign started. From advice on creating a video where you dress up for the climate or environment you will be in, to writing a positive campaign description, there are fantastic, easy tips to incorporate into your campaign. In the toolkit you can also download a printable fundraising checklist, a FundMyTravel outreach letter, and an offline version of the toolkit. Click here to check out the toolkit!

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How a Kenyan Woman’s Bad Photoshopping Skills Got Her a Sponsored Trip to China

Traveling has a different meaning for different people. Some do it for pure leisure; lying on a beach looking at the sunset while being served cocktails. Others do it to break the monotony of life. Some look for perspective, and some to quench innate curiosity. However, researchers have concluded that for whatever reason you pack your bags and travel, it alters your life, more or less.

Leisure travelers are likely to have a relationship that is more intimate with their partners. Students with international travel experience are twice as likely to complete college degree as compared to their peers who have no travel experience. They also earn higher incomes, nearly over 40% more. Traveling makes workers more productive, and less stressed and burned out. They are more likely to have higher morale.

Therefore, travel can be a healing touch that we all need in our daily stressful life. However, wherewithal, we all know, has been a limiting factor for our travel plans to be executed.
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Cool Ways to Enjoy Sydney Without Crippling Your Budget


Sydney doesn’t really stand out as the cheapest destination in the world. If you want to truly have some fun there, you won’t get far with just some change in your pockets. On the other hand, it is quite possible that you can save some money here and there, just enough to have more than a decent time without spending way too much. It is not necessary to spend a fortune to have a good time in Sydney, especially because a lot of awesome activities, great weather and beaches are everywhere around you. Here is how to save up and still get the most of your Sydney experience.

Getting Around and Enjoying It

If you’re just looking for a way to go from point A to point B, you will be glad to know that the Sydney transportation system is really good. Also, Uber is all over Sydney, so you can use that, as well. However, once you get to the center, you should definitely walk. There are free walk tours organized with a guide every morning at 10.30 am and later in the evening at 6.00 pm. The evening tour is all about The Rocks.
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