Cool Ways to Enjoy Sydney Without Crippling Your Budget


Sydney doesn’t really stand out as the cheapest destination in the world. If you want to truly have some fun there, you won’t get far with just some change in your pockets. On the other hand, it is quite possible that you can save some money here and there, just enough to have more than a decent time without spending way too much. It is not necessary to spend a fortune to have a good time in Sydney, especially because a lot of awesome activities, great weather and beaches are everywhere around you. Here is how to save up and still get the most of your Sydney experience.

Getting Around and Enjoying It

If you’re just looking for a way to go from point A to point B, you will be glad to know that the Sydney transportation system is really good. Also, Uber is all over Sydney, so you can use that, as well. However, once you get to the center, you should definitely walk. There are free walk tours organized with a guide every morning at 10.30 am and later in the evening at 6.00 pm. The evening tour is all about The Rocks.

Rocks (1)
You just need to show up at Sydney Town Hall in the morning and look for a guide in a green shirt. The same goes for the afternoon walk, but the start point is Cadmans Cottage. While the tour is free, guides work for tips. This will allow you to learn a lot about the culture and history of Sydney’s old town. You should definitely take a famous walk from Bondi to Coogee and see the legendary beaches. That is the best way to soak in the gorgeous natural wonders of this coast and even spend time at some of the secluded beaches along the way. Other places where you can wander around for free include lively Circular Quay and gorgeous Royal Botanic Gardens.

Tasting all the Local Delicaciesstreet food b

Australia has amazing international cuisine. Breweries and barbecue diners are a favorite local food, but you can find great food from every corner of the world. Chinatown has Eating World, where you can get excellent quality food for nothing more than the change in your pockets.

People also claim that Gumshara Ramen is unbelievably good. At the very heart of the Rocks, you will find the Rocks Foodie Market every morning on Friday. Here, you will find all the amazing fresh local food you can stock up in order to feel the real taste of Sydney. All that you save up at these places should be splurged on amazing local beer and wine tasting.

All the Precious Art and Events on the StreetsVexta

There are so many things happening in the streets of Sydney all the time. This is good news because it means that a lot of such events are for free or with quite a reasonable fee. Vivid Sydney is one of the music and light festivals that consists of many free events throughout the city. Since 2016, Chinatown has been planning to throw an amazing light show, named Market of Lights.

The hometown of Vexta is sure to have some awesome murals. The inner west of the city from Lilyfield to Leichhardt is the home of amazing murals. Every year, there is Sculptures by the Sea, an annual open-air exhibition on the Bondi beach. Approximately 2 km long, this exhibition offers over 100 pieces on display.

Saving Up on the AccommodationDarling Harbour

If you want to save up on your accommodation, you can always find decent hostels in various parts of the city. Of course, another good idea is to share accommodation with locals. This way, you can share the costs and meet interesting people who would help you make the list of the most exciting places to visit.

There is always the option of purchasing the ISIC card if you are a student or the iVenture card that offers tons of different discounts on entrance fees or even some complimentary drinks or gifts. Figure out your itinerary in advance and see if these cards have deals for any of the places you’re planning to visit.

Remember, the best things in Sydney are free: awesome people, amazing beaches and excellent weather.

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  1. Hey, thanks for sharing the blog! Sydney looks like an affordable destination. I have been to Christchurch, New Zealand last year and enjoyed the museums and natural scenery with high mountains, rivers and great weather. I wish I could have visit the Sydney that time but of course it will be on top in my wish list.

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