Fundraising for your meaningful travel experience can be difficult. It can be hard to think of what to say in your campaign or how to ask family and friends to donate to your experience. Luckily, FundMyTravel has provided some amazing ways to get others excited about your campaign! With the tips below on how to fully utilize FundMyTravel’s resources, you’ll be on your way to your first donation in no time!

1. Get Tons of Ideas from the Fundraiser Toolkit


On the FundMyTravel website, the team provides excellent tips and tricks to get your campaign started. From advice on creating a video where you dress up for the climate or environment you will be in, to writing a positive campaign description, there are fantastic, easy tips to incorporate into your campaign. In the toolkit you can also download a printable fundraising checklist, a FundMyTravel outreach letter, and an offline version of the toolkit. Click here to check out the toolkit!

2. Give Back to Your Donors


When creating a campaign there are a lot of ways you can make it your own and inspire donors. One of those ways is adding donor rewards (during the third step of creating your campaign). You can add  as many or as few rewards as you would like – for example if someone donates $10 to your campaign, you could send them a Thank You postcard from your trip. This is a great way to get donors involved as well as get people excited to donate!

3. Forget the Wedding- Add an ‘Adventure Registry’


Another beneficial thing to do during step three of your campaign is set up an Adventure Registry. This is a way to ask your donors for specific items for your trip. For example, if you really need a backpack or airline miles, you can add these items to the Adventure Registry and your friends and family can ‘grant’ anything they have and would like to donate to you for your trip. In this section, you can also write if you have already purchased or saved, and where the money came from to sponsor this item. For example, if you got a scholarship from school, used financial aid, or saved from your summer job, you could add these items to your Adventure Registry so people who look at your campaign know how hard you have already worked.  This shows your donors that you are being proactive in your efforts to raise money for your trip.

4. Check Everything Off the Printable Checklist


A great resource to use is the downloadable printable checklist. This checklist provides an easy to to-do list to make sure you have completed all the steps to make your campaign awesome! You’ll also find  step-by-step instructions on what to do when your campaign is live to make sure you are proactively working on reaching your goal!

5. Update Your Peeps


Lastly, once your campaign is live and on the FundMyTravel website, you can post an update notifying people of the progress of your campaign. Let’s say you’re halfway to your goal. Post an update telling your donors how much  you appreciate all their help and you’re halfway there, also see if they can share your campaign!! Updates are a great way to keep people informed of what is happening in your fundraising and trip prep, especially when you are getting close to depart and are almost at your goal amount. Posting an update is also a great way to show your donors you see their donations!

Using the resources above, you’ll reach your goal amount in no time and have an amazing trip! FundMyTravel’s goal is to get campaigners like you to have a successful fundraiser and a meaningful travel experience. For more questions on how to make your campaign great, visit our FAQ page or email us directly at

About the Author:

MeganBMegan is a senior at Colorado State studying Marketing and Media Studies. Megan recently got back from studying abroad in Torino, Italy where she had the chance to travel to 10 countries and 28 cities. Megan loves a good book and gelato that is bigger than her head; however, her favorite thing is traveling and she can’t wait to see where her next adventure will take here. Megan is currently a FundMyTravel Marketing Intern with