What to Pack
Taking the initiative and traveling abroad to volunteer your time can be daunting. Idex 
offers volunteer programs in Nepal, Vietnam, India, and other places and they have a wealth of experience to help you prepare for your journey. Traveling abroad will bring you some new challenges to face. With different languages and completely different cultures being thrown at you, being in a foreign country can become overwhelming if you are not prepared.  Making sure you are prepared with everything you may need on your trip should be the next step after booking it. But what should you be sure to take? Here’s a look at 10 things you should always pack when volunteering abroad.

1. Passport

One of the single most important items to bring with you. Your passport is the key identification that is used while you cross countries borders.  Without this, traveling abroad will be next to impossible because most countries won’t even let you enter. Also, if necessary be sure to have the proper visas. It’s always good to check with the embassy of your host country to see if a visa is required.

Phone2. Phone

While volunteering abroad in say a country like India, you would be very far from your family and friends. A phone will allow you to communicate with them whenever you would like to. Just make sure that you understand all roaming charges or any other fees that could come as a result of you using your phone. Using your Facebook account or other online messaging applications like Skype can help you cut back on your expenses while in a volunteer program abroad.

3. Good Shoes

Some countries do not have as advanced infrastructures as others. Walking is usually the primary mode of travel in many countries. A good pair of shoes will go a long way. Also, consider the climate you will be living in. If it rains a lot, be sure to bring waterproof shoes.

4. Durable Luggage

Once you make the commitment to make a difference in the world You will more than likely be traveling to 2 or 3 different airports. That means you will have to carry around luggage for thousands of miles. Having durable luggage will really take the load off.

5. Computer

A computer will give you the ability to stay connected with your friends and family back at home. Having a laptop gives you a tool that is easily accessible because you can carry it with you at all times. Whether you are teaching a lesson or trying to Skype your family, a computer will come in handy.

6. Wi-Fi Hotspot

Depending on your location as an international volunteer, a Wi-Fi Hotspot could make your life a lot easier especially if there is no internet in the area you are located. Without an internet connection many people find it hard to function. Are you one of those?

7. High-Resolution Camera

Although you may not be aspiring to become a photographer, bringing a high-resolution camera with you while you volunteer abroad can produce some amazing images. The beauty of places like Sri Lanka and Nepal are second to none. Having a camera is sure to give you breathe taking photos that you might even make some money off of.

8. Translator App

This isn’t an item you can pack in your bag but it is something that will come in handy. Having a translator on your phone can help you speak the native language without even actually knowing it. Applications like iTranslate make language no longer a barrier with any smartphone or android device.

9. A Good Book

Knowing that you already have a smartphone, Wi-Fi Hotspot, and a computer you might be scratching your head at a book. There is nothing like a good old paperback book to relax you. This could be the escape you are looking for after a hard day of volunteering abroad.

10. A Positive Outlook

When it comes to the quintessential items like your passport, phone, computer, clothes, and money having a positive outlook may be the most important thing to have above all. If you go into volunteering abroad in say Asia and you have a negative outlook, you may not give the people you are helping your best and you may end up not enjoying yourself.


When deciding whether to Goidex and volunteer abroad in places like Asia and India just think about the impact you can have on all of the people in need of your education and expertise. You can change the world into the place you want it to be. You can also use FundMyTravel to create a campaign to fund your amazing volunteer experience.


About the Author:

Leemar Rosauro is an online marketer and a content writer for https://www.goidex.com. He’s a minimalist introvert who loves to travel. Every weekend he hangs out with his friends.