There is no doubt that traveling has become extremely expensive over the years. However, you should not let the high expenses deter you from going on your dream holiday. People, who love to travel, are always looking for newer and effective ways to gather finance and crowdfunding is a great way to finance one’s travel. In fact, a lot of people are taking to this method of getting their travel funded through crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is here to stay and there are a number of reasons that you should start a FundMyTravel campaign for traveling. Here are 10 strong reasons as to why you should start your own crowdfunding campaign. Check these out and get motivated:

Get a Large Number of Eager Donors

The best thing about starting a crowdfunding campaign for your travel is that the people who will support your campaign, and will be excited about your trip, will contribute to make it possible for you to take your dream vacation. So, let us say if you are writing a book on an African safari to promote the tourism of that Africa. People will find your trip to be meaningful and your travel to Africa may even end up promoting your book as well.


Can Promote Your Project on Social Media 

You can share your campaign on all social media sites and travel communities there. In this way you can boost the exposure of your campaign and let people know all about your travel plans. Through regular interaction you will get to expand your ideas and  even learn a thing or two about your destination. You will also come across many people who may have crowdfunding for their travel as well!

Minimizes the Risk of Spending All Your Savings

Experts have stated that crowdfunding is the best thing that has ever happened in the world of travel during the last ten years. By indulging in crowdfunding you will minimize the risk of spending all of your earnings or savings on your travel by drawing in funds from outside donors. With crowdfunding, the cost of travel will no longer become a barrier to your dream trip and you can fulfill your goal of having meaningful travel experiences.

Helps to Bring Down the Total Cost

Well, the good news is that you will not be incurring any additional costs by launching a crowdfunding campaign. Starting a campaign through platforms for raising money for travel is free. However, you will need to give a minimal percentage of each donation to the platform in order to keep the campaign running. You can structure the content for your campaign all on your own using your own creativity. You can make a presentation about your travel using Powerpoint where you can give people an idea about your travel and it’s purpose.

Not Restricted to Geographical Location

FundMyTravel campaigns liberate you from staying within the confinements of a geographical barrier that can limit your chances of getting funds for your travel from various places. FundMyTravel is very convenient and you do not have to meet with each donors individually, you can gather funds for your travel from people across the globe online, without moving from place to place. You just need a laptop or a computer that you can purchase in low rate using Amazon and a fast internet connection.

Can Promote Any Travel Project You Want

The beauty and one of the prime benefits of a crowdfunding campaign is that you don’t need to know a lot of people; nor do you have to be a great explorer or travel blogger, to get funds from people for your travel. The main motivational factor that attracts donors is how and where you wish to travel. All you need to do is to let people know how important this is to you and how much hard work you have put into it.

Gain Complete Control on Your Campaign

The next reason that makes crowdfunding campaign beneficial for you as a traveler is that as a project  creator you can expect to have complete control over your travel project, it will be completely up to you whether you want to makes changes in your travel plans or not. Also the raised funds will be yours. You will need to give a minimal percentage of the total funds to the platform and the payment processors for their technical assistance to keep the campaign going. Thus you can gather maximum funds from the donors without losing ownership of your travel project or the accumulated fund.

Increases Your Confidence to a Great Extent

Once your campaign is up and running successfully, more and more people will start taking an interest in it and more funds will start coming in. If you can make people realize that you are a genuine traveler and very passionate about your trip, you will hopefully raise a large part of your campaign goal. If your campaign can convince people that your travel has a purpose then it will increase their confidence in you and in turn develop your confidence as well.

Results in Assured Donors and Offline Support

Crowdfunding will get you a large number of donors who will be interested to donate funds in your account to make your traveling project successful. Whether your purpose of travel is to write about a place that will promote tourism, to study or volunteer abroad, or just to experience and witness the beauty of a destination, you can be rest assured that people will be open in funding your travel and your plan to go abroad will no longer be a dream due to the cost and traveling expense.

Unleashes Your Creative Side and Hidden Potential

Another reason to start one’s crowdfunding campaign for travel is that a crowdfunding campaign allows the owner to unleash his or her creativity and make the best use of their skills. Designing a crowdfunding campaign for travel will require; dedication, research, motivation, hard work and creativity.  You will learn a great deal about yourself, your donors and the location you dream to visit!

Crowdfunding for travel has gained tremendous amount of popularity as it helps people gather funds for their travel projects. The number of travelers crowdfunding for trips is growing by leaps and bounds. This type of campaigns has certainly changed the way people fund their travel. So, do consider this alternative and start the venture as it holds great prospects for every traveler in the long run.

About the Author:

Vinod Kardam is a travel enthusiast and likes to explore each and every aspect of traveling. He strives to share his experiences and knowledge with people who love to travel. He believes sharing will not only guide and open doors for them but will also enrich his experiences as well.