Month: September 2016

How to Save Money for Your Trip Abroad Right Before You Leave

How to Save Money
Program Acceptance Letter? Check! Visa? Check! Plane Ticket? Check!

So you have applied to your program (whether it is to study, teach, volunteer, or intern abroad)  and you have been accepted! You have filled out all the necessary paperwork, mentally prepared for what the upcoming months will hold, but you are wondering if you are financially prepared for what’s in store. You are ready to budget while abroad but wish you had a little more cushion. With these great tips on how to save money right before you embark on a trip of a lifetime, you won’t have to worry about money and instead will be able to focus your efforts on your meaningful travel experience.

1. Skip the coffee stop in the morning

If you are like me and have an uncontrollable java addiction and love stopping at your local coffee shop in the morning, instead of splurging on coffee save the five dollars you would normally spend and put it in your travel saving account. Those five dollars will add up and could fund a nights stay at a hostel or a plane ticket to a new city. In place of your favorite coffee, try making coffee at home right before you leave, to save money.

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How to Use the Adventure Registry on FundMyTravel

Adventure Registry
While creating your fundraising campaign with FundMyTravel, you probably came across the Adventure Registry. This is a great tool to show your donors how dedicated you are to your campaign and we’re going tell you how you can make the most of it. The Adventure Registry is similar to a wedding registry, but for traveling! You can use your Adventure Registry to ask for specific things such as airline miles or a backpack that people might give or lend you for your trip. You can also highlight anything you’ve done offline to raise money for your trip such as scholarships, financial aid, or savings from your summer job. In this article, we will give you tips on  how to get the most out of your  Adventure Registry!

A Wish List for Travel Items!

Think of the Adventure Registry as an opportunity for your donors to sponsor something  you might need. Instead of donating money to your cause, donors can buy you something you may need or lend you a specific item. For example,  maybe your Aunt Sally bought a nice backpack last year for her trip to Mexico and she sees it on your Adventure Registry. Now instead of buying one yourself, you can just borrow hers! Plus, other people can see that she sponsored this item when they come to your page. Use your Adventure Registry to ask for anything you need for your trip – from the GoPro you always wanted to the airline miles you were hoping you would already have in credit card points. Remember, you never know who might be able to lend you something they have just sitting in their closet or share a resource with you!
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