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Extreme Sports Destinations of the World

The majority of people might think you are crazy for wanting to jump from a height with only a bungee cord to save you, white water raft through grade 3 rapids or surf down a steep active volcano on nothing but a board. But, for those who are adrenaline junkies at heart they can’t think of anything better than feeling the rush of living on the edge. Why not experience your next breath-taking extreme sport in an equally breath-taking location. Here are a few of the best places to travel to around the world for extreme sports.

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

Using only your heels as a brake and to steer, race down the black, rocky side of an active volcano on a wooden toboggan reaching speeds up to 90 kilometres per hour, but only after you’ve hiked to the top in order to get your ride. There is no better place to take on this sport than its birthplace of León in Nicaragua where the sport was pioneered by an Australian traveller when he rode down Cerro Negro in 2004.

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How to Save Money for Your Trip Abroad Right Before You Leave

How to Save Money
Program Acceptance Letter? Check! Visa? Check! Plane Ticket? Check!

So you have applied to your program (whether it is to study, teach, volunteer, or intern abroad)  and you have been accepted! You have filled out all the necessary paperwork, mentally prepared for what the upcoming months will hold, but you are wondering if you are financially prepared for what’s in store. You are ready to budget while abroad but wish you had a little more cushion. With these great tips on how to save money right before you embark on a trip of a lifetime, you won’t have to worry about money and instead will be able to focus your efforts on your meaningful travel experience.

1. Skip the coffee stop in the morning

If you are like me and have an uncontrollable java addiction and love stopping at your local coffee shop in the morning, instead of splurging on coffee save the five dollars you would normally spend and put it in your travel saving account. Those five dollars will add up and could fund a nights stay at a hostel or a plane ticket to a new city. In place of your favorite coffee, try making coffee at home right before you leave, to save money.

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How to Spend the Summer in Australia like a Local

Summer in Australia means a hot Christmas, with blue skies and heatwaves as far as the eye can see. A lot of tourists choose to visit at this time of year – particularly those who come from the other side of the world, where it is cold and snowy during the winter months. But rather than acting like a tourist, you will get a lot more out of your visit if you do it like a local. Here’s how!

Rent a home

Rather than staying in a hotel, consider renting a home for the duration of your stay. This will give you access to all of the important facilities that you may need, such as a kitchen and your own living space. It’s also great for feeling like you are at home yourself! Staying on a residential street is a good first step towards experiencing the country like a local, and it gives you the chance to see what daily life is like. You will probably be able to find somewhere in a good central location with public transport links, so don’t worry about being out of the action.

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Couchsurfing: Pros and Cons of the Cheapest Accommodation Option

Known probably to every backpacker in the world, Couchsurfing is a global community of members who have common goals at heart – to travel, to meet interesting people, and to spend at least a few days in a foreign city living like a local. Couchsurfing boasts an impressive number of 400,000 hosts and over four million surfers every year. Apart from being a hospitality exchange portal, Couchsurfing is also a social networking site where travelers can openly exchange their opinions and sign up for free events. Today, we have decided to take a closer look at pros and cons of using Couchsurfing while traveling. Interested what they are? Read on to find out!



Above all, Couchsurfing is a community of like-minded people. It is based on hospitality, friendship, and trust. Hosts open their doors to complete strangers only to get to know them and enjoy the time they may have together. Guests are not expected to pay any fees, however common courtesy rules are much in place. Although it is not obligatory, it is recommended to bring a bottle of wine for the host or cook a special thank-you dinner. After all, Couchsurfing may not be totally free, but it undeniably is one of the cheapest accommodation options.

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Journey of a Lifetime: 5 Tips for Your European Vacation

Journey of a Lifetime
Backpacking through Europe is the most popular way for broke people to turn their fantasies of a European adventure into a reality. There is simply no cheaper way to see all the sites Europe has to offer than with a fistful of Euros and a backpack slung around your shoulders. In this short article, we will give you a few tips to consider before hopping on that glorious plane headed for Heathrow.

Accommodation Situation

One thing you want to square away before heading to Europe is where you will be staying. If you are traveling in summer, you may want to check if universities in the areas you are visiting have accommodation. Note, summer season is one of the busiest times for tourists, so it is especially important to book hostel accommodation well in advance. Also, if you don’t mind really roughing it, you could save a great deal of money by camping in designated areas for a few days.

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