Summer in Australia means a hot Christmas, with blue skies and heatwaves as far as the eye can see. A lot of tourists choose to visit at this time of year – particularly those who come from the other side of the world, where it is cold and snowy during the winter months. But rather than acting like a tourist, you will get a lot more out of your visit if you do it like a local. Here’s how!

Rent a home

Rather than staying in a hotel, consider renting a home for the duration of your stay. This will give you access to all of the important facilities that you may need, such as a kitchen and your own living space. It’s also great for feeling like you are at home yourself! Staying on a residential street is a good first step towards experiencing the country like a local, and it gives you the chance to see what daily life is like. You will probably be able to find somewhere in a good central location with public transport links, so don’t worry about being out of the action.

Try the entertainment

Locals in Sydney love to visit the Island Bar on Cockatoo Island every Sunday. Why? Because this is a well-known destination for what they call “Sunday sessions”, or in other words, a great party for the weekend. Come here, drink, have fun – and even stay the night if you like, with glamping being the most popular option amongst young Australians. Don’t stick to tourist areas for nightclubs, restaurants, and cafes – try the places where locals hang out for a much better experience.

Make some friends

Who is best for showing you how locals live? Well, locals! Make some friends at a bar or while out and about and ask them for advice on what to see and do. They will be able to tell you about the best-kept secrets in town, and might even show you around a bit as a bonus. Getting the insider perspective is priceless, and could give you an inside track that even the internet can’t find for you.

Go for brunch

This is becoming one of the most popular meals of the day in Australia, with lots of café chains becoming experts at providing smashed avocados and poached eggs. Make sure to have a flat white while you are there, as this is the signature coffee of Australia! Brunch is a great way to sit back and relax in the morning before you head off to more tourist-like activities in the afternoon.

Find a secret beach
Secret Beach to Surf

There are plenty of well-known beaches that are always crowded, but to live like a local, you should find the beaches that are set apart. These are the places where locals come to sunbathe and surf, and they are often a much nicer experience than the busier sands. Whether you choose a calm harbor beach or somewhere a little wilder, this is always the best way to see the sea in Australia.

Catch a game

Aussies love their sports, so make sure you catch a game or two while you are in the country. Rugby or Aussie rules football are the big favorites, and both of them offer games at the local level as well as national or even international. Cricket is the main sport played during the summer season, so you’re most likely to bag tickets to this option when you visit.

Experiencing Australia like a local means falling in love. Don’t be surprised if you never want to leave!

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