How to Save Money for Your Trip Abroad Right Before You Leave

How to Save Money
Program Acceptance Letter? Check! Visa? Check! Plane Ticket? Check!

So you have applied to your program (whether it is to study, teach, volunteer, or intern abroad)  and you have been accepted! You have filled out all the necessary paperwork, mentally prepared for what the upcoming months will hold, but you are wondering if you are financially prepared for what’s in store. You are ready to budget while abroad but wish you had a little more cushion. With these great tips on how to save money right before you embark on a trip of a lifetime, you won’t have to worry about money and instead will be able to focus your efforts on your meaningful travel experience.

1. Skip the coffee stop in the morning

If you are like me and have an uncontrollable java addiction and love stopping at your local coffee shop in the morning, instead of splurging on coffee save the five dollars you would normally spend and put it in your travel saving account. Those five dollars will add up and could fund a nights stay at a hostel or a plane ticket to a new city. In place of your favorite coffee, try making coffee at home right before you leave, to save money.

2. Sell clothes that no longer fit

Sell Your Clothes

You plan on leaving your old orange sweater at home because it doesn’t fit anymore and definitely won’t fit in your too full suitcase, so instead of leaving it at home try selling it for some spare cash. Clothes that don’t fit or are just not your style anymore can be sold on amazon, ebay, or at your local second hand store. This is a great way to clean out your closet as well as get some extra cash.

3. Deposit the spare change from your couch

So you are cleaning your room before you leave and you find your old piggy bank that you never got around to depositing. Going abroad is a great chance to deposit coins that would otherwise be sitting in your old piggy bank, as well as gives you a chance to deposit any spare bills since your US Dollars won’t help much in a foreign country.  Another great idea, is if you have a savings account from when you were a little, check if you can withdraw money out of it to fund your travels. Maybe you are like me and realized you had a savings account that you put money into but forgot about! Childhood you would be thrilled to know the money you saved when you were younger is now being used for your volunteer trip to Ghana or your study abroad experience in Italy!!

4. Fundraise

Fundraising is a great way to earn some extra cash. Our favorite way to fundraise is to start a FundMyTravel account. FundMyTravel is a great way for family and friends to donate to your abroad experience. By sharing your experience on various social media sites, people can donate money for your travels and in return you can promise to bring back a souvenir or to send them a postcard.

5. Earn Money In Your Community

Now is a great time to start those entrepreneurship ideas you have always dreamed about. Whether it is selling baked goods or arts and crafts, it is an easy way to earn a little extra cash and get people involved in your abroad experience. Here are few ideas:

  • Have a bake sale and bake things from the country you will be visiting
  • Sew, knit, crochet or bead jewelry to sale
  • Host your own concert, poetry slam, talent show
  • Rake leaves, shovel snow, mow lawns
  • Tutor  or babysit local children
  • Have a garage sale

Hopefully by following one or all of these tips you will be able to earn the spare cash you were looking for! Enjoy your travels!

About the Author:

MeganBMegan is a senior at Colorado State studying Marketing and Media Studies. Megan recently got back from studying abroad in Turin, Italy where she had the chance to travel to 10 countries and 28 cities. Megan loves a good book and gelato that is bigger than her head; however, her favorite thing is traveling and she can’t wait to see where her next adventure will take here. Megan is currently a FundMyTravel Marketing Intern with


  1. Great article! A also have another tip here: Its all about using the £100 percent technique, But I do love the idea of selling clothes, nice idea!

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