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7 Creative Donor Rewards Ideas

Donor Reward

Wondering how to get your potential donors excited about your FundMyTravel campaign? Well, worry not! FundMyTravel has created a simple way to get everyone who visits your page pumped to support you and your travels.

Here’s the secret: Create donor rewards. These incentives are an easy way to give back to anyone who has funded your travel dream and might convince Aunt Susie to bump up her donation level a notch.

Check out these seven examples of awesome donor rewards – feel free to copy them for your campaign or get inspired to create your own!

1. Hello from (your destination)!

Who doesn’t love getting mail? One of the easiest ways to say thank you to your donor is to send them a postcard from your travels or write them a short thank you note. Whether you’re going to Budapest, Bangkok, or Boston, sending a quick postcard or handwritten note is a great way to say thanks!


Some of our favorite ways to do this are to send a handwritten note before you leave, a postcard from the place you are staying, or a postcard from one of the cities you are visiting that a donor selects. Another great idea is to draw your own postcard and send it to your donor.

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Work and Travel in Thailand : Why Thailand Is a Nomad Choice


If you have ever dreamed of being your own boss and living out your days on your own terms, that goal is closer to becoming reality than ever before. The days of relying on an employer for your livelihood can be over for good. Thousands of people every year are choosing to ditch the 9-5 traditional workday in order to freelance and work for themselves. In fact, the most difficult part of becoming a digital nomad might just be deciding where to put down your roots. It is a great big world out there, after all, with many exciting things to see and do. There is, of course, the practical side to consider as well, including actually being able to make a living. Thailand has emerged as one the best destinations in the world for digital nomads, and here are five reasons why.

1. Low Cost of Living 

Many people wonder how to become a digital nomad. It takes some hard work at the beginning, and a trust in yourself that you can make a decent living at it. It involves finding something that you enjoy doing and then running with it. In the beginning, having an inexpensive place to call home is desirable, and Thailand definitely fits that bill. Condo rentals in the capital of Bangkok can be had for $300-$500 a month. This will get you a comfortable place in the heart of the city, complete with air conditioning, a pool, and a gym. While rooms near the beach resort of Phuket might be a bit more expensive, they will still be affordable when compared to other seaside cities in the world. Food is incredibly good and cheap, newly released movies can be seen for $3, and taxis start at just a buck. What more can a digital nomad really ask for or expect?

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How Technology Can Help You Save Money on Your Next Vacation

A photo by Jonathan Velasquez.
Technology has proven beneficial in practically every facet of modern life. Platforms such as Expedia and have been around for years now, but these and similar websites and apps are offering more tools and features than ever before, making vacation planning a breeze. Using technology – and the sharing economy – to plan your vacation is a substantial time-saver, but it can also help you plan the most affordable vacation you’ve ever taken if you know the tools and tricks of the trade.

Use Price Forecasting and Other Tools to Get the Best Deals

Travel websites like Kayak and Expedia make vacation planning simple. But their value is in more than simply comparing prices around the web to find the lowest cost. Using all the features sites like Kayak have to offer, such as Price Forecasting, you can easily determine whether it’s in your best interest to buy tickets for that flight to Honolulu now or wait it out. Plus, Kayak’s Hacker Fares can save you money by booking two one-way flights rather than round-trip flights in some cases.

You can also turn to resources like Google Flights to discover affordable destinations or score cheaper flights. The Flight Deal is another useful site that discovers fare sales and mistakes that can save you cash, while Skyscanner can help you find more affordable flights from budget carriers that sometimes aren’t listed among the mainstream deal-finding options.

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Best Flight Hacks

AirplaneHave you ever been looking for a flight that you’re not quite ready to book, and every time you go back to check the price it gets higher and higher? You’re trying your best to be a savvy money saver. But it seems to be working against you! Whether you’re looking to study, volunteer, teach or do an internship abroad, we all have something in common: We want to do it on a budget.

People that succeed with traveling on a budget do two things very well:
First, they identify booking techniques that get them results. Second, they put 100% of their resources into executing those methods. But you’re probably wondering: “How do I find booking strategies that work?”. Today I’m going to make it easy for you. All you need to do is carve out a few minutes of your day and tackle this hack below. If you want to know how to get a 39% discount within 3 minutes your in the right place. I can even teach you the Django Technique and the S7 Code Cheat.

Ready? Let’s do this.

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7 Things Everyone Forgets When Budgeting


Before leaving for your meaningful travel experience, our number one advice is to create a budget. A budget is great tool to make sure you aren’t spending all your funds so you still have money at  the end of your trip. When creating a budget, be sure to plan for these seven common things everyone forgets when budgeting. 

1. Gifts

Whether you are buying souvenirs for yourself or for someone else, gifts are a very common thing to forget to budget for. When you are abroad, you will probably buy a souvenir here or there to remember your experience. So don’t forget to set aside some money to buy keepsakes for yourself and others! Another item that you may consider a gift is a postcard. However, even though postcards are an overall cheaper souvenirs, don’t forget to account for the price of international stamps.

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