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Congratulations! You have booked your flight ready for an experience of a lifetime! However, you know there is something looming over you. Yes, that’s right it´s time to pack! Whether you are a procrastinator and hate packing or you just want some more advice, this article will help you! Here are seven top tips to make this part of the journey easier for you! If you need an extensive list of tips for those who want to make the most out of packing their suitcase, read our Ultimate Packing Guide including Travel Expert tips!

The Mighty USB Stick

Dig through your old school bags or that drawer where all your old school/college/university stationary was chucked and find that USB stick that all your work was on! Who would have thought it would be useful again! Well it is, especially for all your travel documents. Whether you have lost your plane tickets or your insurance documents (if you have it, do not worry we have all applied for it right before we moved abroad, including myself right). Luckily, I remembered what I forgot to scan and was able to go back home and say goodbye again to everyone. However, if you´re not as lucky then a USB will be perfect to keep all your travel documents so you can find a computer and print them when needed!

Power Banks

Whether you want to keep in touch with family or simply take as many pictures as you can, you want to make sure your phone is fully charged. As well as the normal phone charger that’s plugged into the wall, make sure you do not run out of battery during the day by investing in a power bank. By having a portable phone charger, on that day where you really want to take lots of photos and you may run out of battery, it is there to save the day!

Separate Your Money
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This has been something that has been said to me by a very concerned family member many times. Even if I am out for the day, the words “have you separated your money?” are always mentioned. It is so important to do this, what would happen if all your money and credit cards were in a bag that was taken? You wouldn’t have a back-up plan or extra money to help you out. Separate your money into different areas of your belongings so that you don’t get yourself into that situation. 

Plastic Bags

We either are that person or know that person who collects a mountain of plastic bags when they forget to take already used plastic bags to go food shopping etc. Well, those bags will come in handy as they are very multi-functional! They are great for separating dirty shoes or laundry, preventing liquid spills and keeping delicate souvenirs safe on your journey back.


We are not in control of the weather unfortunately so you want to be prepared for everything. Find yourself a cheap lightweight waterproof jacket as layers are also important for solo travel. Pack more lightweight items so you have more items to wear. Also pop your waterproof clothing at the top of your suitcase or backpack, as it can act as a waterproof for the rest of your items if your luggage gets wet!

Scarf or Pashmina

As well as it being lightweight and great for warming up, scarfs and pashminas can come in handy if you are visiting a cultural landmark. You want to respect the culture and cover up, especially in a religious building.

Pickpocket Proof Clothing

As much as traveling is an amazing experience you must be aware of pickpockets. Although thinking of negative things isn´t what you want to do, by being organized it means you have everything prepared and are aware.  From shirts to trousers you can find so many alternative items to put all your valuables in! Therefore you can hide stuff in places no one will expect!

So there we have it! Top tips to create a stress-free packing experience! Jump on that plane and have an experience you will never forget!

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Molly is a 20 year old Brit currently living in Barcelona. She is in charge of running the Social Media and doing content writing for Waytostay. She has a passion for all things travel, marketing and social media and can often find her dreaming about where to explore next.