Surviving in London on a Student Budget: 5 Top Tips

London is a large and incredibly expensive city. If you want to rent a room, not in the city center, you will have to pay about £1000 per month. It seems that surviving on a student budget is really tough. And it’s true! However, we have 5 Top tips that can help you  save some money and economize on a couple of things.

1. Walk

It is recommended to walk in London instead of using public transportation. It will be not only cheaper for you, but also help you become healthier. In addition, in the morning and evening (when people need to get to/from work) the underground stations (especially the red line) and buses are very busy. Therefore, during the walks you may feel better while passing by the parks and buildings instead of staying in the crowds and waiting for another train or bus. However, if you choose to travel by tube, buy an Oyster Card or a Student Oyster Photo Card, which gives 30% discount on all the underground and bus fares.
The Walk
You can also buy a bicycle or a scooter. However, it may be a bit costly. If you want to ride a scooter some pedestrians will not like it and you will have to be very careful. It is recommended not to ride on the roads because traffic in London is very busy and there is a possibility that a car may bump into you even if you follow the rules of driving. Remember that saving money does not mean that your health can be threatened. Thus, if you choose cycling or riding a scooter, you have to think about all the possible consequences.

2. Deals & Discounts

If you are a student, try not to forget your student card because it may save you quite a lot of money. Bring it everywhere and as often as you can. Also use Student Money Saver that proposes great savings to you and sends good deals to your email. Additionally, do not go to the supermarkets, it is better to buy food online! There are quite a lot of discounts available online. Moreover, different studies have shown that while buying food in a store, you will make around 19% more food purchases because whilst you are hungry, you make impulse buys. Try to cook at home instead of buying prepared foods.

3. Free events

There are a lot of different free events all over the London, and all the museums in London are free. Consider looking at a couple of websites and choose which concerts, talks or shows to visit. The best websites are The Londonist and TimeOut. Enjoy the lists of the events in London and have fun during them even if you are on a budget! Register at the Applause Store as well to attend some of your favorite shows.

4. Accommodation

Live in the accommodation your university proposes. Renting your own flat will be both costly and problematic. You will have to pay for all the utilities: gas, electricity, and water. In addition, first year students have a guaranteed university accommodation, so why not use the chance you have? You may share a kitchen with 6-10 students and this is an additional advantage because it is always good to have somebody you can ask something about or talk to. Try to find accommodation near your university so that you can save money on public transportation.

5. International Tickets

If you want to travel to the continental Europe, do it! The cheapest air companies are Ryanair, EasyJet, Flybe, and Monarch Airlines. Book your tickets as early as you can. You should travel to countries and cities that you have friends or somebody you know in, that way you can cut out the accommodation expenses. However, don’t worry if you want to travel to a country you have no contacts in. There is always a cheap option – staying in a hostel. Staying in a hostel is also a great option when traveling with friends!

All in all, living on a budget in one of the most expensive cities in the world is possible. Enjoy all the variants proposed above not only to save some money and make your life in London affordable, but also to have some fun while trying all the options!

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