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Surviving in London on a Student Budget: 5 Top Tips

London is a large and incredibly expensive city. If you want to rent a room, not in the city center, you will have to pay about £1000 per month. It seems that surviving on a student budget is really tough. And it’s true! However, we have 5 Top tips that can help you  save some money and economize on a couple of things.

1. Walk

It is recommended to walk in London instead of using public transportation. It will be not only cheaper for you, but also help you become healthier. In addition, in the morning and evening (when people need to get to/from work) the underground stations (especially the red line) and buses are very busy. Therefore, during the walks you may feel better while passing by the parks and buildings instead of staying in the crowds and waiting for another train or bus. However, if you choose to travel by tube, buy an Oyster Card or a Student Oyster Photo Card, which gives 30% discount on all the underground and bus fares.
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Why You Should Fundraise for Your Volunteering Abroad Experience

Raise funds to Volunteer Abroad

“Volunteers don’t necessarily have the time; they have the heart”.  

After a lot of research, you have decided you want to volunteer abroad. You’ve picked a location and a program – now all you have to do is get there. While your first option to fund your trip might not necessarily be fundraising, you should definitely consider it! A great way to fundraise for your volunteer abroad experience is to start a campaign on FundMyTravel. FundMyTravel is an easy platform for you to use and  place for donors to contribute financially to support your trip.

Fundraising is an important part of your volunteer journey – here are three reasons why you should do it!

1. Donate Money to Your Volunteer Project

One reason you should raise money for your meaningful travel experience is to help your project onsite! Whether you are volunteering at an orphanage in Ghana, teaching English in China, or becoming a nursing volunteer in Guatemala, by raising money for your project you will be able to contribute more than just your time. On FundMyTravel, multiple campaigners have asked people to donate money so the volunteer can help their program in one way or another. For example, Ailish McGovern raised money for her trip personally but asked people to donate money so she could buy more resources for the care center. Fundraising is a great way to help your program, before you even get there!

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How to Survive a Day in Paris with 10 Euro in the Pocket

How often have you dreamed of visiting Paris? Did you know there are a lot of fascinating places that don’t require a single penny to admire them? Together with Lucy Adams, a blogger from Buzz Essay, let’s have a look at a few must-see attractions that are ready to take tourists for less than €10.

Notre Dame de Paris

Notre Dame is the most famous church in the world, a majestic monument of architecture and one of the main attractions of Paris. You just can’t miss visiting this place! It combines Romanesque style with a sharp and majestic Gothic style. The interior is decorated with medieval statues, stained glass, and paintings.

Entrance to the cathedral is free, although you have to pay to get to the upper levels.

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Ultimate Packing Guide for Solo Travel

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Congratulations! You have booked your flight ready for an experience of a lifetime! However, you know there is something looming over you. Yes, that’s right it´s time to pack! Whether you are a procrastinator and hate packing or you just want some more advice, this article will help you! Here are seven top tips to make this part of the journey easier for you! If you need an extensive list of tips for those who want to make the most out of packing their suitcase, read our Ultimate Packing Guide including Travel Expert tips!

The Mighty USB Stick

Dig through your old school bags or that drawer where all your old school/college/university stationary was chucked and find that USB stick that all your work was on! Who would have thought it would be useful again! Well it is, especially for all your travel documents. Whether you have lost your plane tickets or your insurance documents (if you have it, do not worry we have all applied for it right before we moved abroad, including myself right). Luckily, I remembered what I forgot to scan and was able to go back home and say goodbye again to everyone. However, if you´re not as lucky then a USB will be perfect to keep all your travel documents so you can find a computer and print them when needed!

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