Top Ski Resorts in Asia


When you think of ski resorts, it’s very unlikely that Asia will come to mind, and yet the continent boasts more than 800 destinations that are perfect for those who enjoy winter sports. Here we look at some of the best Asian ski resorts that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest of skiers. 

High 1 Resort, South Korea

High 1 Resort
With 18 ski slopes that stretch for more than 21km, High 1 Resort offers pistes to suit all levels of skirt from beginner to professional. The resort is easily accessible from Seoul with shuttle buses serving the area’s 403 room hotel and boasts impressive facilities such as a casino, sauna, traditional-style restaurant, swimming pool and even a nearby golf course! 

Hanazono Resort, Japan

Niseko’s Hanazono Resort is rumored to be the globe’s snowiest resort, so what better place to take to the piste? This resort’s multi million dollar Snow sports Centre also has the biggest terrain for night skiing in the world and offers a range of other winter sports such as snow rafting, sledding and snow tubing. This family friendly destination boasts beautiful panoramic views of Mount Yotei and ski runs to suit the beginner as well as to challenge the experienced skier. The conveniently located accommodation has it’s own natural hot springs as well as stylish Alpine architecture and gourmet dining options.

Nanshan Ski Resort, China

Close to the capital Beijing, this ski destination is China’s biggest ski resort and is popular with locals during the weekend. The resort offers 25 trails tailored to the needs of all kinds of skiers, from the beginner up to the most advanced, with the highest piste reaching and impressive 1,800m. There are plenty of snow activities to enjoy including snowboarding, sledding and tobogganing and there is a choice of accommodation such as the romantic Shirton Inn with its 30 double rooms, each with their own fireplace. 

Gulmarg Ski Resort, India

Gulmarg is sometimes called the Switzerland of India and it’s easy to see why. In the heart of the Himalayas, this region boasts incredible beauty as well as the highest gondola in the world which takes the bravest skiers up to the summit, 2,213m above sea level. This is one of the best Asian resorts for advanced skiers thanks to the vast variety of skiing terrain which encompasses everything from glacier skiing to chutes and Alpine bowls. Although there is plenty of accommodation here, the Khyber Mountain Resort & Spa is by far the best with its fitness centre, spa and pool. 

Whether you are a skilled skier with years of experience on the slopes, or a novice starting out on their first-ever run, it’s vital to remember to take out ski insurance before you set off on your holiday. This will ensure that you are well protected in the event of an accident and won’t be faced with large and unexpected bills. 

 About the Author:

Joss 23, based in London. I have spent many months traveling around India, Nepal and SouthEast Asia. I have had a passion for skiing since a young age. When people think of skiing they usually think of the alps in Europe or the Rockies in North America. With this article I wanted to combine my love for Asia and skiing through showing people that there are plenty of options to ski in Asia, a continent not usually associated with this wonderful sport.

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