Month: December 2016

How To Fund Your Travel Expenses Using Crowdsourcing

So you want to take this epic trip somewhere in the world and you’re looking for ways to raise money to cover your expenses? Great, but how are you going to get people to donate to your campaign? 
Everybody’s got dreams and we only pay attention to others when they’re either close friends or there’s something in it for us. Maybe it’s something we can learn from them and apply to our own projects, maybe it’s a destination we’ve always wanted to go to, like Argentina, or to visit a faraway secluded tribe in Papua New Guinea. We pay attention to someone else’s story when it becomes meaningful to us.

Be Clear On Why People Should Back Your Journey

Why do you think someone would want to chip in to fund your travels in exchange for a postcard, t-shirt, coffee mug or some other thing you might never rush out the door to purchase yourself? Especially if they’re bound to their desk doing work they wish didn’t exist?

It’s because they’re interested in your travel destination(s) or are probably ready for an escape, even if it’s just a mental getaway. Think of your supporters as people who are already traveling or are wishing they were. Travelers know how important it is to cover your expenses and not have to worry about every dollar each day. And the dreamers are those who’re craving for travel stories to devour and quench their thirst for freedom and adventure.

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7 Side Gigs You Can Do Online to Help Fund Your Next Travel Adventure

Side Jobs

Traveling can be a balancing act. We need time and money, but rarely do we have both. If you just got home from a trip and your funds are depleted, why not take a side gig? You can save more money to fund your next travel adventure and set up a part time gig to make money on the road! Below is a list of opportunities that will help you do just that.


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