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Affordable Holiday Destinations in the State of Georgia


There is nothing more relaxing than visiting the great outdoors and being one with nature. There are a number of different places that you can visit in Georgia, but one of my favorites is a little town called Ellijay. The reason being that not only is it quite affordable, but there are a number of different activities that you can do there as well.

Mountain Valley Farm

The Farm

Source: Wikimedia

The Farm is home to the most delectable of tastes and is famous for the meat that it serves. You can also just stroll around and take in the magnificent view, and you can shop for other farm produce such as Milk, cream and cheese.

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Simple Strategies for Money Management for Today’s European Traveler


I’ve been traveling for many years now, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I just love meeting new people, seeing new places and feeling like a local everywhere I go. However, I haven’t always been the most frugal voyageur. I used to spend tons of cash on reckless things such as accommodation, flights, attractions, and more. I don’t do that anymore as I’ve learned that there are great money management tips I can apply to save cash without compromising on the quality of my trips.

Europe – a stunning and cheap continent everyone can explore on a budget

If you’re a Europhile like me, then you probably know that summer is the ideal time of the year to explore the European cities. Sadly, summer is also peak season around the continent, which means rates for accommodation and flights skyrocket. I do love a good bargain, so if I want to travel in the summer, I look for flights and lodging in advance. And by “in advance” I mean at least 5 months ahead.

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How To Fund Your Travel Expenses Using Crowdsourcing

So you want to take this epic trip somewhere in the world and you’re looking for ways to raise money to cover your expenses? Great, but how are you going to get people to donate to your campaign? 
Everybody’s got dreams and we only pay attention to others when they’re either close friends or there’s something in it for us. Maybe it’s something we can learn from them and apply to our own projects, maybe it’s a destination we’ve always wanted to go to, like Argentina, or to visit a faraway secluded tribe in Papua New Guinea. We pay attention to someone else’s story when it becomes meaningful to us.

Be Clear On Why People Should Back Your Journey

Why do you think someone would want to chip in to fund your travels in exchange for a postcard, t-shirt, coffee mug or some other thing you might never rush out the door to purchase yourself? Especially if they’re bound to their desk doing work they wish didn’t exist?

It’s because they’re interested in your travel destination(s) or are probably ready for an escape, even if it’s just a mental getaway. Think of your supporters as people who are already traveling or are wishing they were. Travelers know how important it is to cover your expenses and not have to worry about every dollar each day. And the dreamers are those who’re craving for travel stories to devour and quench their thirst for freedom and adventure.

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Warning: Volunteering Abroad Can Make You Lose Your Job

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 2.00.04 PM

Have you ever had a travel experience that inspired you so much that all you wanted to do was stay at that location? Like, forever. Well, if not, then soon you are about to. Volunteering abroad is an international travel experience that changes your entire course of life and perceptions towards it. And, these are not just big words, used to boast something, but a fact that many overseas travelers have experienced during their gap year or vacation breaks. What differentiates a volunteer trip abroad from a regular holiday travel is its uniqueness of providing a local living experience. It is so fascinating that you may simply want to quit your job and settle in your volunteer destination, for good. Here are some key reasons that can make you want to leave your job once you volunteer abroad.

This new lifestyle might just be what you have always wanted

It’s not new to hear that someone is all fed up with their 9-5 job. Wake up, go to work, come back, eat, sleep, repeat; following the same old routine every single day can get daunting. It is, in fact, to take a break or go away from such monotonous life that we travel in first place; isn’t it!? And, while traveling for a change, we end up finding a life so different, yet so fulfilling, that it becomes our objective.

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Top 7 Travel Destinations For The Over 50 Crowd

Top Travel Destinations

Maybe some people have had itchy feet for years—even for a lifetime.  After years on the job and carefully stowing away travel money, it’s time to start packing and get going.  Everyone knows the parameters of travel; like cost, amount of time away, health issues, and safety.  Those issues must be applied to any of our Top 7 destinations.  It’s up to you—the potential traveler—to do the research and the math.  That being said, look at our top travel picks for individuals over 50.

Number 7:  China

Aside from the famous Great Wall and “The Forbidden City,” there are far too many attractions in this sprawling, most populous country in the world.  There are reputable tour guide services available to get you safely and comfortably to such nature destinations as Guizhou Provence, Suzhou City, and Huanggoushu Falls, to name a few.
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