Financial considerations are at the top of the mind for anyone who intends to study abroad. Besides the academic fee structure, you are unsure about how much you will need to take care of your living expenses which range from food and transport to entertainment and housing expenses. Any country with a high cost of living is a huge turn off for international students willing to study there, even if there are scholarships on offer for aspiring students. With all the scenic beauty Australia has to offer to it’s immigrating students, the cost of living is quite affordable. You can easily negotiate it as compared to other options you might be considering as offshore hosts for your education plans. Here we have a breakdown of costs for each potential activity that you will encounter if you intend to study in Australia and some tips to lower your financial burden. This list intends to help and assist all those potential students who are considering their future academic plans in foreign locales; all figures are featured in Australian Dollars:

Boarding & Accommodation Expenses:

There are plenty of boarding options in Australia that are affordable depending on what services you might require during your stay in the country. Living within the city limits could be more expensive as compared to living in the suburbs. Accommodation in the suburbs is likely to spike your transportation expenses and increase your commute time to and from your university. Most universities have accommodation facilities within their campuses which will cost you around $750-$800 AUD per month. There are also private lodging options at your disposal with one bedroom apartments available aplenty at rates of around $1800- $2000 AUD within the city limits. Bigger houses are also available if you have roommates to split up the total monthly rent for a 3 bedroom house at an approximate total monthly rental of $3000 AUD/ month. If you have 3 mates with you, it could provide you with a much bigger space at almost a $1000 AUD each.

Basic Living Amenities:

City Life

There are costs that will be added to your monthly expenditure if you would not like to board within the boarding facilities on campus and get a private housing space for yourself. The phone and internet bills amount to nearly $200 AUD a month depending on usage while the electricity and gas bill would hover anywhere around $70-$100 AUD a month. The trash services are $50 AUD for one month. There would also be some additional spending depending on the taxes you pay on the property you have. This is one most crucial point that you need to discuss with your house owner when striking the rental deal on who covers what.

Food, Transportation & Entertainment:

Depending on whether you live on campus or far away from it, your transportation expense will vary. Most transport services offer discounts to full-time students with good service at an affordable price of $130 AUD for the entire month. Cycling is one of the most prominent modes of transport for students in Australia and is a great way to move around saving you valuable money. Australia is a great place to be and you shouldn’t miss out on the scenic beauty it has to offer while your stay there. Your groceries would go no more than $200 AUD dollars per month if you are not a savage eater! If you want to go out and get going in Australia, then the best idea is to set aside around $70-$100 AUD every week which will be enough to get you some extremely good entertainment options. The restaurants offer a wide range, catering to different kinds of tastes, and range from normal to high end depending on what you choose. The bill can be anywhere around $18 – $85 AUD.

The Australian law allows you to work while you are studying, making it easier for you to alleviate some financial burden off your back. if you are studying on a student loan and want to keep your expenditure down to a minimum there are a wide array of popular options to choose from. Students can delve into a lot of professions that while not taking up a substantial amount of time, do give a good return. Some options are working at fast food chains, part time sales agent, chefs, you can even lease your own long haul vehicle and start driving, that way you’ll take your part in eradicating the driver drought and at the same time earning a pretty good income, if you can pull it off.

Australia is one great option to choose as a study destination and make your resume look good while at it. The financial cost of studying is within affordable reach and should be considered seriously when charting out a course for your future aspirations.

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