Top Travel Destinations

Maybe some people have had itchy feet for years—even for a lifetime.  After years on the job and carefully stowing away travel money, it’s time to start packing and get going.  Everyone knows the parameters of travel; like cost, amount of time away, health issues, and safety.  Those issues must be applied to any of our Top 7 destinations.  It’s up to you—the potential traveler—to do the research and the math.  That being said, look at our top travel picks for individuals over 50.

Number 7:  China

Aside from the famous Great Wall and “The Forbidden City,” there are far too many attractions in this sprawling, most populous country in the world.  There are reputable tour guide services available to get you safely and comfortably to such nature destinations as Guizhou Provence, Suzhou City, and Huanggoushu Falls, to name a few.

Number 6:  The Serengeti National Park   

For serious lovers of Nature, there are few places in the world that rival the majesty of the Serengeti.  It is especially recommended to visit during the dry season (from late June to September) to witness the great animal migration, with the migration of wildebeest as the highlight. If you prefer to see the lush scenery and witness the predators in action, it is best to visit from November to May. These spectacular events are best appreciated in real time than through the countless documentaries and feature films that have used this phenomenon of Nature.

Number 5:  Japan   


The fabled country of the “rising sun” is a marvel of stark contrasts.  On the one hand, there are the gigantic, bustling cities like Tokyo, whereas Kyoto is a charming bridge between the modern and the ancient as the country’s crown jewel, the center of Imperial Japan for over 1,000 years.  From there it is only a quick trip to other marvels of natural beauty.  The stage is set for your visit as you fly into Narita Airport and look down on the patchwork quilt of cultivated acreage that utilizes every square inch of land.

Number 4:  George Town, Penang, Malaysia


George Town is a monument to Colonial England with stunning architecture of the period intact and still used today.  After exploring George Town, it’s possible to take a day trip all around the Island to see pristine beaches on the Andaman Sea.  Top it off with an overnight train trip to Bangkok, Thailand, for some world class shopping and cuisine.

Number 3:  Reykjavik, Iceland   

Of course, the most famous spot for visitors in Iceland is the fabulous geo-thermal Blue Lagoon spa.  So many other things like glacier and waterfall sites make for some of the most beautiful places on earth to view.

Number 2:  Costa Rica and Peru    


For the Central American country of Costa Rica, the place is a haven for eco-tourism with the Monteverdi Cloud Forest Reserve, Manuel Antonio National Park, Arenal Volcano National Park, and Corcovado National Park as major attractions.  In Peru, there are the colorful people with costumes and habits that date back centuries; and, certainly, a visit to Pachu Picchu, the icon of Incan historical significance.

Number 1:  The USA and Canada   

Just about anywhere in this great land mass encompassing two of the largest countries on the planet is a great place to visit.  Every conceivable terrain is represented in a northern hemisphere continent bordered by the two largest bodies of water on the planet.  From glaciers, mountain ranges, beaches, and deserts, travelers have an endless variety of environment to choose from.  Man-made architectural attractions are also plentiful.  One could travel a lifetime and not see it all.

About the Author:

JimJim Hamilton became a world traveler almost by accident when he answered an advertisement for an ESL teacher in 1986.  The result was twenty years abroad traveling to the Middle East, Southeast Asia, and parts of the Sub-Continent.  Traveling to and living in various places on the globe are activities he highly recommends, especially to retirees. To know more, visit Second Act Income website.