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Have you ever had a travel experience that inspired you so much that all you wanted to do was stay at that location? Like, forever. Well, if not, then soon you are about to. Volunteering abroad is an international travel experience that changes your entire course of life and perceptions towards it. And, these are not just big words, used to boast something, but a fact that many overseas travelers have experienced during their gap year or vacation breaks. What differentiates a volunteer trip abroad from a regular holiday travel is its uniqueness of providing a local living experience. It is so fascinating that you may simply want to quit your job and settle in your volunteer destination, for good. Here are some key reasons that can make you want to leave your job once you volunteer abroad.

This new lifestyle might just be what you have always wanted

It’s not new to hear that someone is all fed up with their 9-5 job. Wake up, go to work, come back, eat, sleep, repeat; following the same old routine every single day can get daunting. It is, in fact, to take a break or go away from such monotonous life that we travel in first place; isn’t it!? And, while traveling for a change, we end up finding a life so different, yet so fulfilling, that it becomes our objective.

Living a volunteer’s life is something that you might find you’ve always wanted. So much so that, you wouldn’t mind going back to your home country, resign from your current organization, serve your notice period, and then going back to volunteer again.

You finally find the best work to put your skills to

So you’ve been working as a smart-brain finance analyst, or as a creative developer, or maybe you are a dedicated nurse at a local hospital. Everyone has a set of skills that makes them useful and differentiates them from others.

However, the same skills when applied for a much bigger cause than making profit for an already money rich company, gives you a feel good factor about yourself. Oh! Yes! It happens. Volunteering at a local clinic in a remote African village, helping with the community development work, strategizing education curriculum for kids at local school, and more. You finally see yourself putting your skills to better use; to make several lives better. This may push you to simply text your resignation to your boss and make volunteering all you’d want to do now.

It can get hard to break that attachment

Raise funds to Volunteer Abroad
As a regular volunteer traveler myself, this is something that has moved me the most. Doing volunteer work with street children in India, or working for the welfare and conservation of the wildlife in Thailand. Each and every program leads you to make a strong bond with the local people. This is what differentiates a normal trip from a volunteer travel abroad. During your entire sojourn, you live like a local, eat like a local, speak like a local, and more. By the time you have to leave, you are already half way to being a native to that country yourself. The bond that you create over the period of time might work as a magnet, which makes it so hard to leave.

You’d want to explore more through this means

Let’s be practical here. We all look for affordable travel options every time we plan a trip, and volunteering abroad gives us that option. I mean, where and how else would you expect to find a way to see a new country, a new lifestyle, and get to explore it in the best way possible!? Being a volunteer traveler may have its demerits, but they aren’t anything when compared to all the merits and benefits of volunteering abroad. Taking up international volunteer work opportunities is a highly safe and affordable way to travel and explore the world. Who wouldn’t want to leave a tiring 9-5 job for that!?


Was that scary!? Or did that just gave you a window of hope to set yourself free from a monotonous life and live a life more useful and worthy? Either way, volunteer travel is something you should experience at least once in your lifetime. Who knows what it will change for you; for good. Till then, keep traveling, keep volunteering. Let’s make a better world for all!

About the Author:

Dave (3)Dronacharya holds a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering. He has handled several different roles in his lifetime so far but has finally settled as a full-time travel writer/blogger. His passion for traveling got him into the habit of writing, which soon turned into a profession. He writes and shares his personal experiences and facts in his articles with only one objective in mind; motivating others as well to travel as much as they can. You can find more of his work on Huffington, SocialEarth, VolunteersMagazine, Cultural Trip, etc.