I’ve been traveling for many years now, and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I just love meeting new people, seeing new places and feeling like a local everywhere I go. However, I haven’t always been the most frugal voyageur. I used to spend tons of cash on reckless things such as accommodation, flights, attractions, and more. I don’t do that anymore as I’ve learned that there are great money management tips I can apply to save cash without compromising on the quality of my trips.

Europe – a stunning and cheap continent everyone can explore on a budget

If you’re a Europhile like me, then you probably know that summer is the ideal time of the year to explore the European cities. Sadly, summer is also peak season around the continent, which means rates for accommodation and flights skyrocket. I do love a good bargain, so if I want to travel in the summer, I look for flights and lodging in advance. And by “in advance” I mean at least 5 months ahead.

Things have changed over the years, and I’m glad that flights are now more numerous than ever before. This means prices are competitive, and you have high chances of scoring a great deal in the summer without spending a fortune. European airlines that offer the best discounts are EasyJet and RyanAir; they have inter-city routes and most tickets begin at $40 for a one-way ticket.

Reasonable traveling across Europe


Whenever I want to explore Europe, I always like to go places I’ve never been before, or  return to cities that left a mark on my brain. This might surprise you, but I love discovering cities traveling by train or bus. In cities like Dubrovnik, Bucharest, Athens, Berlin, Paris, London, traveling by train is something common, and quite cheap too. I for one, use all-inclusive passes when I’m in the cities just mentioned. They allow me to see the best attractions for free, and travel conveniently from borough to borough.

Convenient lodging and car rental

Rent a car.

If you’re not the most enthusiastic train traveler, you have the option to rent a car. Contrary to popular belief, renting a car and using it to explore the ins and outs of a city is not that expensive. The secret to saving some cash is to hire a car that runs on diesel fuel, and not gasoline. Last year, I rented a Volkswagen Golf on my journey to Greece, and I spent an average of $6 per gallon; which I thought was quite convenient. Of course, gas is a bit more expensive in Europe than in the US, but nonetheless if you have places to go to, and cities to explore, this might be the most convenient option.

Money management tips when traveling to Northern Europe

Northern Europe

Out of all Europe, my favorite destinations are up north; Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark. There’s just so much to see there that won’t cost you a dime. It is true that cities like Oslo and Stockholm are not the most convenient to explore. But there’s no reason to despair as there are money management tips you can apply to enjoy a fabulous trip on a budget.

I’ve learned on my own skin that accommodation is pricey. Even the simplest hostel in Oslo can cost you up to $60 per night. A great alternative is camping, but this only applies to experienced mountaineers. Another option is to hunt for a good deal. I planned the best holiday in Tromso 6 months in advance, and I got a pretty substantial discount for flights and accommodation.

My wife loves the aurora borealis, so I wanted to give her a surprise. I started searching for Northern Lights holidays 2016 on the web in June. I made reservations for December – on our wedding anniversary – and let me tell you that the whole package didn’t cost more than a trip to Greece in August. The Norwegians are extraordinary people. We got to see aurora, as well as loads of other amazing places – the stunning fjords, the wildlife of both Oslo and Tromso, the landscapes, and a lot more. Bottom line is, the secret to a memorable trip to Europe is advance planning; this tip alone will save you thousands.

About the Author:

Christopher Austin is a traveling freak who has traveled many destinations around the world. He also loves writing about his traveling experiences and the places he has explored.