Woman sightseeing in London on a summer day

Woman sightseeing in London on a summer day

If you dream of traveling the world, you should earn a degree in a field that will allow you to fulfill your wanderlust. Certain degrees will open the doors to career opportunities in international locations where you can make positive contributions while exploring a new country. Here are four degrees that can help you travel the world.

International Trade

When you earn a master’s degree in this field, you may be able to land a job with a top international trading company that will assign you to a position overseas. Working in international trade will give you the opportunity to learn about different currencies and how they affect the global market. You may also be in charge of managing import and export deals. In addition to exchanging goods and money, working in international trade is a great way to learn more about cultural and political relations.


If you enjoy education and enriching other people’s minds, a teaching degree may be the right choice for you. It might be a good idea to earn a foreign language degree as well so that you can communicate easier while abroad. There are many places around the world that need qualified instructors to teach students English, math and other important subjects. Certain jobs are seasonal, or you may be able to get a permanent position. Although you will likely be teaching children, you might also be hired to instruct adults, so it is important to be able to communicate well with all age groups.


With a degree in photography, you will know how to use your camera to capture the best images, and you can use the skills you learn to work while traveling. The time it takes to earn your degree will depend on the specific field that you wish to pursue. You can choose to work as a freelance photographer or for a company that needs pictures taken of different locations around the world. You might even be able to break into the world of photojournalism and capture images of newsworthy events as they unfold.


A masters degree in nursing can open the door to a career in the medical field overseas. One option is to work as a traveling nurse who assists doctors working in impoverished nations. It is possible to earn your degree in just a few months through an accredited online school if you are eager to start working as a nurse.


Whether you wish to work in business, education, health care or a more creative industry, earning any of these degrees can give you the opportunity to work while exploring the world. You can also use the skills you learn while studying for your degree to make the world a better place.

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