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A Guide on How to Fund Your Trip

You want to travel abroad for vacation, education or business, but how do you fund your trip? This is one of the most popular concerns among our readers.

The key to funding your trip abroad is to think unconventionally about various sources of income, become creative and come up with easier ways of making money while on the go.

Having said that, here are simple ways you can raise money for your upcoming trip.


Since you are on the FundMyTravel blog, you already know how important crowdfunding is for your travel! FundMyTravel is an online fundraising platform for meaningful trips. Designed specifically by and for travelers our website helps travelers raise funds for their adventures – we aim to make travel possible to everyone. It’s easy to set up an account as you only need an email address. Once you created your account you can start a fundraising page – detailing your destination, travel story, travel expenses and other information. We have social sharing functionalities so you can easily share your page on Facebook, Twitter and Email contacts to spread awareness of your fundraising efforts and get donations for your travels!

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10 Travel Hacks For Trips Without Stress

Traveling is fun. It comes with the thrill of discovering places you have never been before. There is also the excitement of meeting new people and experiencing diverse cultures. Unfortunately, amidst this pleasure lurks that logistical stress of making sure that your trip goes on as planned. This is the hardest part of any trip and if not well managed, can make your travel painfully expensive in terms of emotional drain and cost. The good news is that with the following tricks, you can have a stress free holiday.

1. Plan Well and in Advance

The secret to the success of any great endeavor lies in its planning. This includes the trip you have always dreamt of taking. To actualize this dream, you need to come up with a plan that is practical and executable. For instance, determine where, when, and how you want to take your trip. Put aside enough money to fund your trip. Do not wipe out your savings as there is life to live and bills to pay after the holiday.

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San Diego By Sea, By Land, and By Sky

For me, the worst part of traveling is trying to figure out what to do, and second worst part is trying to figure out how to pay for it.  My planning woes were especially true when it came to organizing my 25th anniversary.

I always comb the Internet looking for the best places to see, the best places to dine, and the best places for adventure.  Then, I try to put that all into a financial perspective. Until recently, I would exhaust myself looking, and budgeting.

Then, my daughter, in all of her 21st-century thinking, put together a travel funding campaign so that all of my kids could contribute to an anniversary gift.  So, the budget pressure went away, but I still had no clue what I wanted to do.

Then, I came up with an idea, look to the sea, look to the land, then look to the sky.  So, that’s how I planned my most recent travel fund trip to San Diego. It was a great way to see San Diego from literally every angle.
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Tips for Travelers: Alternative Treatments or Naturopathy While Traveling

With warmer months just around the corner, people are preparing and planning for their summer holiday. A vacation should be fun and enjoyable. Getting injured or sick should not be part of the agenda. However, emergencies do happen and sometimes even when you are traveling through a foreign or remote country.

When traveling, health threats are usually familiar ailments such as dehydration, jet-lag, aching muscle, vomiting and/or diarrhea, sprains and strains, sunburn, blisters, allergies and mosquito bites. Besides having all the required immunizations specified by certain countries, you should also prepare a first aid travel kit with natural herbal and/or homeopathic remedies that are useful and serve multiple purposes.  

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15 Tips for the Solo Traveler

There’s nothing wrong about traveling solo; however, you have to realize you won’t have family and friends around to back you up if the worst case scenario happens.  To make your solo trip more enjoyable, here are 15 tips I have used in the past to keep my mind (and trip) at ease:

1. Research the neighborhood ahead of time

There are a lot of shady hotels and neighborhoods out there.  Before you book a hotel, check out TripAdvisor or major travel booking websites to see what other people are saying.  Even if the hotel has amazing reviews, look at the negative ones to see what they had a problem with.  Most destinations often have travel guides online as well.

2. Network with like-minded travelers

With the Internet, you don’t have to travel alone.  If you really want to travel with some, consider networking on websites such as Pink Pangea and Go Girl Travel Network.

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