Month: February 2017

A Guide on How to Fund Your Trip

You want to travel abroad for vacation, education or business, but how do you fund your trip? This is one of the most popular concerns among our readers.

The key to funding your trip abroad is to think unconventionally about various sources of income, become creative and come up with easier ways of making money while on the go.

Having said that, here are simple ways you can raise money for your upcoming trip.


Since you are on the FundMyTravel blog, you already know how important crowdfunding is for your travel! FundMyTravel is an online fundraising platform for meaningful trips. Designed specifically by and for travelers our website helps travelers raise funds for their adventures – we aim to make travel possible to everyone. It’s easy to set up an account as you only need an email address. Once you created your account you can start a fundraising page – detailing your destination, travel story, travel expenses and other information. We have social sharing functionalities so you can easily share your page on Facebook, Twitter and Email contacts to spread awareness of your fundraising efforts and get donations for your travels!

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Top Tips for Traveling Round the World on a Budget

If you’re not careful, a round the world trip can get pretty pricey. But there are so many ways to save money and to make sure you’re spending your cash the right way, whether it’s on food, transport or accommodation. Here are the best tips for budgeting your round the world trip.

1. Embrace the great outdoors

Most of the world is not a city, so take the opportunity to explore the incredible national parks in places like the USA, NZ & Australia or the beaches and jungles of Asia. In the US, an $80 National Park Pass allows you entry to every park in the country for a year, creating the perfect route across America for a road trip. Discover the desert parks of the West and the cool redwoods of California for a fraction of the cost of exploring a city. It doesn’t cost anything to sit on a beach in Thailand and enjoy the jungle landscape. Steer clear of busy cities and enjoy the wide open (practically free!) spaces of the world.

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