If you want to do something special this year and travel somewhere you’ve never been before, venturing on a safari might seem like an excellent idea. However, note that a trip located in the heart of Africa can get expensive. Lodging at 5-star resorts with all-inclusive services can easily go over $7,000/family. The good news is Africa is vast, and there are lots of places you can travel to without breaking the bank. The main aspect of a safari trip is to do things on your own such as booking flights in advance, traveling off-season, self-driving safaris, and more. If you play your cards right and plan accordingly, you shouldn’t spend more than $2,000 per package.

Choose areas that are conveniently priced

Price tags for a safari in Africa vary from region to region and country to country. Right now, the most affordable packages are in Southern Africa. Zimbabwe has lots of attractive packages. Somalisa Camp, for example, has recently been rebuilt. Located in Hwange National Park, this place offers accommodation for all kinds of travelers. Rates are competitive as well, although to make sure you land a good deal, look for a package in the off-season. The camp is situated on a private area of the park, and it provides exclusive experience for its avid voyageurs.

Laid-back accommodation is the best

Traveling to Africa shouldn’t be about lodging at the most expensive and exclusive resorts. Many people come here for the experience. That being said, it might be a good idea to go with laidback accommodation not deluxe. Okavango Delta, which is in Botswana, has several nice places to lodge that won’t break the bank. PomPom Camp is one of them. Guided safaris are quite affordable compared to other packages available in the Okavango Delta. The island is breath-taking. Being located on the Moremi Game Reserve, the scenery is exquisite. There are lots of things to do and see here, and the wilderness will simply take your breath away.

Plan your transfers

You may be in luck finding affordable accommodation in Africa, however as you get here you’ll realize that the travel costs involved are actually the real problem. If you’re not in a rush, it might be best to choose road transfers over flying. This will save you a lot of cash. Traveling on the ground and moving from one location to another is a lot more affordable than on air. Make road transfer your best friend; group transfers are even more convenient. In Africa, there are many group packages you can opt for and not spend a fortune. Avoid mini-buses; they’re crowded and uncomfortable. A better option is a private car with a tour guide. It might be a good idea to call in advance and book a vehicle. You have many chances to negotiate a good deal over the phone rather than in person.

Avoid peak season

Another great way to save cash is to travel in off-season. Africa’s more affordable traveling period is from December through March. Now, don’t be scared that it will rain. There are safari areas where raining days are mild and sporadic. It is an excellent opportunity to explore the wilderness and at the same time have the best time. Lots of regions provide excellent game viewing regardless of the seasons. A great region is Khwai. Located in the Okavango Delta, prices are more affordable in the off-season. You’ll have a unique opportunity to see elephants and leopards in their natural habits, as well as beautiful abundant wildlife that complements the scenery.

Since safaris tend to be more expensive, being able to save a few dollars is always a good thing. Africa is an outstanding travel destination that many people only get to see once in a lifetime. The smartest way to save cash is to settle on affordable accommodation. Choose a location far away from 5-star resorts, and make sure car rentals are near your lodge. Guided Tanzania singles safaris are the best, because experienced tour guides know where to take you. Enjoy your time spent in Africa and make the most of every day. Explore the sights, admire the wild animals, and have a good experience. Safaris are all about the experience.

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