Traveling is fun. It comes with the thrill of discovering places you have never been before. There is also the excitement of meeting new people and experiencing diverse cultures. Unfortunately, amidst this pleasure lurks that logistical stress of making sure that your trip goes on as planned. This is the hardest part of any trip and if not well managed, can make your travel painfully expensive in terms of emotional drain and cost. The good news is that with the following tricks, you can have a stress free holiday.

1. Plan Well and in Advance

The secret to the success of any great endeavor lies in its planning. This includes the trip you have always dreamt of taking. To actualize this dream, you need to come up with a plan that is practical and executable. For instance, determine where, when, and how you want to take your trip. Put aside enough money to fund your trip. Do not wipe out your savings as there is life to live and bills to pay after the holiday.

2. Secure Advance Air tickets

Once you have confirmed your destination, buy your air tickets in advance. It is cheaper to book in advance than to wait until the last minute. Also, choose your day of travel carefully as weekends are more pricey than the weekdays.

3. Organize for Airport Transfers

Decide how you will commute from the airport to your hotel. Using public transport is cheaper than hiring a cab. On the other hand having a friend to pick you up is even more convenient. You should do some research on the available travel means in your destination.

4. Make Arrangements for Accommodation

When planning for a holiday, it is important to know where you will stay during the vacation. Hotels are generally expensive but there are cheaper options you can utilize. If you are traveling as a group, look for short-term rental houses that are furnished. Here, you can make your own meals and further cut your expenses significantly. Hostels are also another good option especially if you can get rooms to share as a group.

5. Keep Meal Expenses Low

Did you know you can keep your hotel bill significantly lower by controlling what you eat? Meals are not priced the same in hotels. For instance, lunch is usually cheaper than dinner. Also, local dishes are far cheaper than their exotic counterparts. You can also eat out at local joints and explore more local delicacies at cheaper rates.

6. Know your Destination Well

It pays to know where you are going for your holiday. In this digital era, you have all the information at your fingertips. Just take some time, do some research online, and find out about the area you are going to. This will make it easy for you to walk around without being lost and also keeping away from areas that may be dangerous.

7. Craft your Itinerary in Advance

Have your itinerary ready before your travel date. This will save you a lot of time and resources compared to planning your trip when you are at your destination. Stick to your schedule to ensure that you stay within your budget or manage to visit all the beautiful places you wanted before the end of your holiday.

8. Take Advantage of Low Seasons

If you are going on holiday, consider doing so during the low travel season. This is because hotel rates and flight fares are usually a lot less expensive. This will significantly reduce the cost of your trip thus enabling you to travel stress-free.

9. Take Advantage Promotions and Discounts

Don’t book the first flight/hotel/hostel/plane/trip you come across. There are many travel services that specialize in vacation planning or discount hunting. They engage airlines, transport companies and hotels to offer clients subsidized rates. Services like this can actually be your one-stop shop for your holiday travel.

10. Mind your Safety

There is nothing that can mess up your trip like insecurity. Before you travel, confirm that the area you are visiting is secure. Also, take precautionary measures to ensure that you engage in safe activities.

About The Author:

Andrea Boffo is CEO of, a website that provides discount codes to save money on online purchases.