You want to travel abroad for vacation, education or business, but how do you fund your trip? This is one of the most popular concerns among our readers.

The key to funding your trip abroad is to think unconventionally about various sources of income, become creative and come up with easier ways of making money while on the go.

Having said that, here are simple ways you can raise money for your upcoming trip.


Since you are on the FundMyTravel blog, you already know how important crowdfunding is for your travel! FundMyTravel is an online fundraising platform for meaningful trips. Designed specifically by and for travelers our website helps travelers raise funds for their adventures – we aim to make travel possible to everyone. It’s easy to set up an account as you only need an email address. Once you created your account you can start a fundraising page – detailing your destination, travel story, travel expenses and other information. We have social sharing functionalities so you can easily share your page on Facebook, Twitter and Email contacts to spread awareness of your fundraising efforts and get donations for your travels!

Get A Side Job

If you can’t raise enough money from your regular job, adding on a side job or side business can help you get extra income for your trip. There are several options for you to easily make extra dollars on the side without much effort. If you are capable, choose any part-time job or business that allows you to work for a few hours after your regular office hours or during weekends.

Online Freelance Jobs

You can make more money to fund your trip by doing online freelance jobs. If you have freelance writing skills, you can write for travel magazines that pay anywhere from $20 to $100 an article. You can also become a paid travel writer on sites like Upwork, iWriter or Freelancer. Besides freelance writing, other online jobs you can do to fund your trip include website design, graphic design, social media marketing, affiliate marketing and other internet marketing opportunities.

Sell Your Stuff

One of the quickest ways of raising money for your trip is to sell stuff that you are not using. These include extra things around your house or stuff that you haven’t used for a long time. Just look in the closet, kitchen, bedroom or any other place in your home for any of these hidden items. You can sell them locally or through online retail sites such as eBay.

Scholarships and Fellowships

There are several scholarships and fellowships that fund studies, teaching, projects or research activities abroad. You can fully or partially fund your trip depending on the program you select. The truth about these opportunities is that they don’t fund vacation trips. One of the scholarship and fellowship opportunities you can consider is Fulbright Scholarship Program. Sponsored by the U.S. government, this is a flagship international
educational exchange program designed to promote mutual understanding between the American citizens and the people of other countries.

Rent Your Apartment

If you are traveling for a month or longer, you can rent out your apartment and raise money from it. The best place to find potential renters is Airbnb. This is a website for people who are interested in renting out their residential apartments, vacant houses, lodging and other places for accommodation. All you need to do is to register on the site, create your online profile, and you will be connected with a massive online travel community.  Then you are all set to wait for calls from people who want rent out your property.

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