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Top Tips for Traveling Round the World on a Budget

If you’re not careful, a round the world trip can get pretty pricey. But there are so many ways to save money and to make sure you’re spending your cash the right way, whether it’s on food, transport or accommodation. Here are the best tips for budgeting your round the world trip.

1. Embrace the great outdoors

Most of the world is not a city, so take the opportunity to explore the incredible national parks in places like the USA, NZ & Australia or the beaches and jungles of Asia. In the US, an $80 National Park Pass allows you entry to every park in the country for a year, creating the perfect route across America for a road trip. Discover the desert parks of the West and the cool redwoods of California for a fraction of the cost of exploring a city. It doesn’t cost anything to sit on a beach in Thailand and enjoy the jungle landscape. Steer clear of busy cities and enjoy the wide open (practically free!) spaces of the world.

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Remarkable Travel Experience in Spain, Europe

Spain - Source:

As someone who loves to travel, I often face a dilemma. I always have problems deciding on the destination. On one hand, I am usually so knackered from my daily routine that I can already picture myself in my mind’s eye: a cocktail in one hand, a romance novel in the other. The light murmur of the warm breeze, the rustling of palm leaves and the soft sound of waves lapping at the shore is the background noise. My skin is sun-kissed, and salty. But then I hear the siren’s call of great cities, of adventures waiting to be had and sights to be seen. So when the time came to plan my Spanish holiday, I was torn between the charming Madrid (my perceptions of Madrid before I went based solely on Pedro Almodóvar’s quirky movies), and Tenerife – the ultimate beach getaway. That is until I realized there was a perfectly easy solution! Why not do both?

The Island of Volcanoes

Tenerife sunset, Source:

The first part of my trip, I decided, would be devoted to rest and relaxation. Tenerife is a part of the Canary Islands, a volcanic, rocky archipelago technically part of Spain, but it is actuality located off the western coast of Africa. Thanks to its location, it has the perfect weather all year long, with plenty of sunshine regardless of the season and temperatures ranging from 20 to 35 degrees Celsius. Getting there is quite easy, the island has its own airport, and there are plenty of flights, both regular and charter. I expected it to be small, and meant to stay on the beach, but once I got there I realized there was much to be seen. I decided to hire a car, which turned out to be a fairly affordable and very practical way of getting around.
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Thinking that going on a safari has to cost a fortune? It’s doesn’t!

If you want to do something special this year and travel somewhere you’ve never been before, venturing on a safari might seem like an excellent idea. However, note that a trip located in the heart of Africa can get expensive. Lodging at 5-star resorts with all-inclusive services can easily go over $7,000/family. The good news is Africa is vast, and there are lots of places you can travel to without breaking the bank. The main aspect of a safari trip is to do things on your own such as booking flights in advance, traveling off-season, self-driving safaris, and more. If you play your cards right and plan accordingly, you shouldn’t spend more than $2,000 per package.

Choose areas that are conveniently priced

Price tags for a safari in Africa vary from region to region and country to country. Right now, the most affordable packages are in Southern Africa. Zimbabwe has lots of attractive packages. Somalisa Camp, for example, has recently been rebuilt. Located in Hwange National Park, this place offers accommodation for all kinds of travelers. Rates are competitive as well, although to make sure you land a good deal, look for a package in the off-season. The camp is situated on a private area of the park, and it provides exclusive experience for its avid voyageurs.

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