Month: March 2017

How To Save Money While Traveling Around The World

Traveling around the world is an opportunity that many would like to achieve but unfortunately don’t have the funds to back it up. When traveling, you want to make sure you budget your finances well and you save money where you can. If you’re unsure on how to do this, this expert guide will give you the rundown of the top methods on how to save money while traveling around the world. Let’s take a look.

Stay In Budget Hotels

Depending on where you’re traveling to, generally there will be budget hotels that are available to stay in. To help stretch you funds, it’s a good idea to research and collect the names of possible lower priced hotels which are available. If you don’t plan to stay in the area for too long, it’s better to spend $40 or less a night on accommodation than having to spend $100-$150 per night. However, it’s important to double check the area and if possible view the rooms online before booking. You don’t want to pay for a room if it’s in a high crime area. Some areas of the world aren’t as safe as others so use your discretion when booking hotels in advance.

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10 Easy Ways To Earn Money While Traveling

Are you planning an adventure abroad? It’ll be amazing, but at the same time you’re going to need cash. If you’re savvy and a little bit bold, you can pay for your entire trip by working while you’re away. There’s a lot of ways of making cash out there, so try out one of these tips the next time you travel.

1. Teach others while you travel

The easiest way to make money by teaching is by teaching English to the locals in the area. If that doesn’t sound like your thing, you can teach almost anything. How about cookery, or guitar? Whatever you’re good at, teach that skill to others for cash.

2. Start a blog

Thought about documenting your travels? Why not start a blog? It takes a bit of time to set up and get going, but once you do you can really build up a readership. Once you do that, you can sell advertising space, and write sponsored posts, in exchange for cash.

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7 Ways to Have More Meaningful Travel Experiences

Young woman with backpack sitting on cliff and looking to a sky – Image source: Deposit Photos

Ideally, traveling should not be just about taking selfies on a long trip to impress your friends on social media. When you go on a trip, there are certain key activities you can perform in order to have a more meaningful travel experience. The world has so much to teach us that we must strive to gain as much as we can from our travels. There are several things that can help you grow as a person. Here are a few great examples:

Take Time to Understand the Local Language

When you go to a foreign land, you will find that you may not understand the restaurant menus or the street signs. Additionally, hand signs may not be sufficient for you to inquire something from the local population. However, use the time you have to gain an understanding of the local language. For one, it is a great way for you to avoid boredom on long trips. A new language is both a challenging and fun experience.

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